Outsourced Maintenance Management

Streamline third-party
maintenance management

Manage service work, track detailed line item-level data and report on maintenance cost trends for your entire fleet with an all-in-one fleet maintenance software.

Reduce downtime

Stop playing phone tag with your shops and get your drivers back on the road faster. Fleetio allows you to approve repair orders quickly from anywhere with an electronic authorization system.

Lock down repair authorizations

Prevent paying for unnecessary or incorrect line items on your repair orders. Electronic repair orders keep everyone accountable with a paper trail of all documented and approved line items and costs.

Automate data entry

Eliminate data entry on external service work. Line item-level data for all your third-party maintenance is imported into Fleetio automatically, making it easy to report on cost trends by vehicle, service task and vendor.

Track service history for every vehicle

Track repair orders, service task line items and costs all in one place. Fleetio replaces file folders and gives you one centralized place to store all your service records.

  • Log service from anywhere or use our Maintenance Shop Integration to automatically store service records
  • Attach PDFs, photos and documents
  • Add service task line items, parts and labor
  • Automatically reset service intervals

Authorize service work electronically

Automatically approve or reject service work based on individual service task costs, vendor or overall spend limits. Manually approve service work without a single phone call.

  • Send approval notifications to the right people
  • Approve or reject service with one click
  • Set transaction limits by vendor and service type

Eliminate manual data entry of service records

Automatically record service data in Fleetio from the repair shop's point of sale, electronically approve repair orders and get one bill including all your fleet maintenance vendors.

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Manage vendors and billing

Leverage Fleetio’s Maintenance Provider Network and connect with your trusted shops, receive exclusive discounts and pay one consolidated monthly bill for all in-network repairs.

  • Find shops near an asset or geographic area
  • Access exclusive discounts
  • Communicate about repair orders electronically
  • Track spend by vendor and service task

Empower drivers

Enable drivers to keep up with preventative maintenance and find shops when unexpected repairs are needed. Fleetio Go, our fleet maintenance management mobile app helps drivers find nearby shops and log service on the go.

  • Enter service data on the go
  • Find in-network and preferred shops
  • View PM schedules
  • Complete electronic DVIRs

Track trips, report vehicle issues,
perform inspections and more.

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Report on maintenance trends

Analyze both outsourced and in-house maintenance spend by vehicle, group or your entire fleet. Fleetio makes it easy to see how maintenance contributes to operating costs and helps identify exceptions so you can maximize vehicle life.

  • Operating costs
  • Cost per mile/km
  • Trends by vehicle type
  • Spend by region or group

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