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Manage every aspect of your power tools in a single system

Your team needs reliable power tools the same way you need a comprehensive power tool management software. With Fleetio, you can manage all of your power tools, equipment and vehicles in one place. Track important data like power tool assignments, location and inventory.

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  • Monitor critical details of your power tools, vehicle and equipment simultaneously

    Now you can manage every fleet-related asset in a single software. Fleetio enables you to track critical aspects of your power tools electronically, without the need for manual data entry or paper forms and spreadsheets. Get a better understanding of power tool assignments, location and inventory.

  • Empower your team with a simple power tool assignment process

    Expedite how your team checks power tools out and enhance productivity with our intuitive mobile app, Fleetio Go. It's an easy process, even for those that might not be technologically savvy. Simply scan a power tool with a mobile device and click to confirm a power tool is in use.

  • Enhance visibility while ensuring accountability

    Never worry about which team member is using which power tool. Track power tool inventory, location and usage electronically to prevent wasted time searching for power tools or replacing lost ones.

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Monitor your power tool assignments and availability

Fleetio helps you better manage critical power tool assignment data. Require team members to check power tools in and out using our convenient mobile app. Create an audit trail and know which power tools are most critical to your operation to ensure their availability for your team. Read the blog

  • Understand power tool availability and receive assignment notifications
  • Track assignments in real time with scannable QR codes
  • Require power tool check-in and check-out using the Fleetio Go app
Equipment mobility

Gain a better understanding of power tool inventory

Leverage power tool management software to track every detail of your power tools in a single system. Easily track inventory across locations with accuracy. By digitizing your power tool data, you can uncover discrepancies and hold your team accountable.

  • Automate inventory management tasks
  • Maximize tool longevity and return on investment
  • Create an audit trail of power tool usage
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Manage all of your power tools and assets in a single system

Convenience should be standard when choosing a power tool management software. Manage your power tools, vehicles and equipment from a centralized software. With Fleetio, you can track every detail of your operation from anywhere with our mobile app. Receive updates in real time and troubleshoot issues immediately.

  • Eliminate communication bottlenecks across your team
  • Easily visualize your data with configurable reports
  • Assign issues to team members for added visibility and accountability

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