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Reimagine how you track your tools and equipment

Having the right tool for the job is an absolute necessity. Use Fleetio’s tool tracking software and mobile app to track every aspect of your tools. Combine your vehicles, equipment and tools data into a single system for enhanced visibility. Have peace of mind your tools are there when your team needs them.

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  • Improve equipment performance with routine service

    Even jackhammers and hedge trimmers require regular service to stay in good operating condition. Set preventive maintenance schedules for all of your tools and equipment to ensure your team can complete jobs on time.

  • Collaborate on service tasks

    Fleetio keeps your team in sync by enabling communication across operations. Collaborate with your technicians and streamline maintenance workflows. With software and a mobile app, you can stay informed of progress and communicate efficiently.

  • Keep tabs on repair progress

    Ensure your technicians are performing scheduled maintenance on time. Fleetio alerts you when service is overdue helping you adhere to your maintenance schedule. Track service progress to keep your technicians productive.

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Automate service reminders

Take a proactive approach to lengthening equipment lifespan. Set service reminders to ensure tools receive routine service. Mobile service reminders alert you to upcoming service tasks in advance, helping you get to the shop on time and avoid downtime.

  • Set service reminders based on time and usage intervals
  • Keep track of maintenance on the go with mobile reminders
  • Create due soon thresholds to be informed of tasks well in advance
Service schedule

Save time by creating service schedules in bulk

Tailor service schedules to fit all of your equipment’s needs. Fleetio’s Service Programs lets you bulk manage service tasks and intervals. Consolidating service schedules maximizes efficiency and saves valuable time.

  • Standardize service tasks for similar pieces of equipment
  • Base Service Programs on manufacturer guidelines
  • Equipment records automatically update when schedules are modified
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Forecast equipment maintenance based on utilization

Fleetio predicts when equipment maintenance is due based on usage. Stay informed of upcoming tasks and leverage utilization data when analyzing service costs and adjusting maintenance schedules.

  • Schedule equipment around predicted service dates to avoid downtime
  • Adjust maintenance schedules and Service Programs based on utilization
  • View comprehensive maintenance reports to make informed decisions

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