Blood Bikes Wales

Blood Bikes Wales is a charitable organisation in the United Kingdom with the mission of providing a free motorcycle courier service to the Welsh National Health Service (NHS). Since starting in March of 2013, they have been funded by the public and company sponsorship, operating solely with the help of unpaid volunteers.

Blood Bikes couriers on motorcycles transport a multitude of items for the NHS such as blood products, emergency theatre equipment, samples, Neonatal frozen breast milk and patient notes to name but a few. Their efforts serve as an enhancement to the NHS's transport system from Friday evening through to midnight of the following Sunday when their driver numbers are much lower.

The Blood Bikes Wales fleet consists of 6 Honda NT700 Deauville motorcycles. The duty of maintaining these vehicles falls under the direction of volunteer Ray Phillips, currently serving as the East Area Representative. Initially, Ray was finding it difficult to keep an excel database updated with tax renewal dates, maintenance schedules and fuel expenses.

A web search found Fleetio, and after a trial of the product, Ray recommended to his executive committee that it be adopted. The charity decided that Fleetio was a cost-effective and easily accessible solution to their problems.

“A big thing for me, as well as our riders, is the knowledge that the fleet bikes are monitored and regularly serviced. This means we have safe, reliable bikes for those that ride and volunteer for us.” — Ray Phillips, Fleet Manager

Since adopting the online fleet management software, Ray has enjoyed the peace of mind it has afforded him. Even though his contribution to Blood Bikes Wales is in a volunteer capacity, the email reminders and flexible platform allows him to still be on top of maintenance and other important responsibilities.

“I love the fact that I can run reports for our treasurer and executive committee when attending meetings for fuel expenditure, service costs etc and we can also forecast costs for insurance, road tax & fuel expenditure.” - Ray Phillips

Fleetio also allows Ray to see how the fleet is running in respect of the cost per mile, which is extremely important in computing overhead for this young charity. These figures are used in PR packages that help Blood Bikes Wales solicit essential donations and sponsorship.