Dwyer Plumbing

Dwyer Plumbing provides plumbing, heating, and cooling services to residential and commercial customers in Northern Virginia. The Dwyer legacy began in Alexandria, Virginia in 1922. Presently, its 30 employees serve roughly 3,000 customers a year, concentrated in a 15 mile radius.

Nathaniel Cochran, the Director of Operations, handles dispatching, IT, and long-term company strategy. He's also in charge of managing the fleet of 32 vehicles, ranging from service vans to heavy equipment.

Reducing Unwanted Surprises and Expenses

Dwyer Plumbing, which exclusively uses red General Motors vehicles, seeks to get a minimum of 100,000 miles out of everything, and aims to replace or acquire 2-3 service vans a year. Being on top of maintenance is key to getting the most for the money–surprises are kept to a minimum, and so are expenses.

Consolidating Fleet Information to One Accessible Location

Previously, maintenance schedules were kept on an Excel spreadsheet, but Nathaniel knew that Excel couldn't be the best way of tracking the condition of vehicles and their yearly costs. Things like state inspections and registrations kept falling through the cracks. The SaaS movement had already led the company to move a number of services to the cloud, including email and scheduling, so he began searching for online fleet management software. According to Nathaniel, Fleetio is the only service that was priced appropriately for small to mid-size businesses, and it worked better than all the other local network based alternatives he tried, regardless of price point.

A Clear Picture of Fleet Operations

With its intuitive dashboard, Fleetio has allowed management to spend less time worrying about the condition of their vehicles, providing everyone with a much clearer picture of employee gas consumption. Fleetio’s automatic reminders have also saved them headaches on numerous occasions. Dwyer Plumbing knows they've only just begun to discover all its features, but is always amazed at the ability to be able to pull up detailed information anytime and anywhere from whatever device they have handy.