Hometown Harvest

Tony Brusco and his wife Abby are the founding owners of Hometown Harvest, a farmers market home delivery business, located in Maryland. Utilizing a fleet of refrigerated Mercedes Sprinter vans, they deliver fresh produce, meats, eggs, dairy and more throughout Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Since beginning their service in 2009, Hometown Harvest has grown to 1,000 clients and now offers products from around 150 local farms.

As his business expanded, Tony realized that he needed an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for tracking fleet maintenance. After an extensive online search, he was happy to find Fleetio.

“Fleetio is extremely simple to use. I particularly like the dashboard feature that shows you both what items are past due, and what items will be due soon. This summary has really helped to speed up my weekly checks on the trucks.” — Tony Brusco, Owner

Fleetio has also drastically improved record keeping for Hometown Harvest’s fleet. After an alternator unexpectedly went out last year, Tony simply checked Fleetio and saw that the part had been replaced recently. He was able to verify a warranty issue, and ultimately saved several hundred dollars from having the information stored conveniently.

Thanks to Fleetio, Tony is better in control of the status of the delivery vans. Preventative maintenance on the trucks now happens at lot more regularly. As a result, they are limiting breakdowns and saving on towing, labor, and stress.