McCorvey Sheet Metal Works

National detailer, fabricator and installer of HVAC systems moves to a smartphone-based driver tracking solution to improve fleet productivity and safety.

Company Objectives:

  • Consistently locate assets in real-time
  • Record trip routes and associated drivers
  • Optimize delivery times

McCorvey Sheet Metal manufactures and installs HVAC systems for commercial buildings nationwide. The fleet consists of over 150 assets including trailers, box trucks, flatbeds, service trucks and more.

Fleetio Drive helps McCorvey keep tabs on driver location and monitor deliveries and trip routes in real-time.

A hardware-based headache

McCorvey manufactures, delivers and installs its own goods—its fleet is its “second heartbeat”. If an asset goes down during delivery to a job site, it can have a major impact on company costs and operations. When a delivery is late or missed entirely, the effect trickles down to other subcontractors and can delay their work.

Before Fleetio Drive, McCorvey was using a hardware-based telematics system. Whenever McCorvey added additional vehicles to its fleet, it took three to seven days to get up and running with a new telematics unit. If they chose to save time and forgo installing the device, the company would not know the location of their truck or driver.

“Fleetio Drive is a future proof investment.”

-Chris Mondeau, Technology Coordinator at McCorvey Sheet Metal Works

The company’s previous telematics solution tracked the asset rather than the driver, so it didn’t record when drivers switched vehicles during the day. With high driver turnover, often times the tracking software would list someone as the driver who had not worked with the company in six months. This misreporting prevented the company from holding their current drivers accountable for asset use and maintenance and led to abandonment of the software.

Switching to a mobile, driver-focused solution

McCorvey decided to look for a mobile solution with a focus on drivers rather than vehicles. The solution had to be simple to implement and get high engagement from drivers. It also needed to have specific features including a live map, real-time updates, geofences and behavior tracking for events like speeding, hard braking and phone use.

“Our company can scale appropriately with Fleetio Drive.”

-Chris Mondeau, Technology Coordinator at McCorvey Sheet Metal Works

The company settled on Fleetio Drive because:

  • There’s no hardware involved. It can be instantly installed on company phones with the smartphone-based app Fleetio Go.
  • Drivers can learn how to use it quickly and all features are essential—there’s no fluff.
  • Fleetio Drive could scale with the company.

Greater insight and efficiency

Now that McCorvey has reliable real-time locations for its drivers and is tracking drivers instead of assets, the company has greater insight and control over its operations.

Dispatchers can identify on a live map when drivers are returning to the office and can start preparing for a new shipment. This quicker turnaround time saves 2.5 hours daily and ensures a safer process since drivers no longer have to answer calls to give updates on their location.

McCorvey aims for efficient deliveries of 30 minutes. The company can now monitor how long deliveries take using trip history, identify drivers who may be working too slowly and verify that drivers visit a job site as expected. Drivers save about 15 to 30 minutes per day since they no longer have to use paper forms to log their trip routes and travel times.

McCorvey’s greater focus on driver safety also helps improve its Experience Modification Rate (EMR), which can impact the company’s ability to win new jobs in the future.

The company has also seen monetary savings. McCorvey saves 76 percent on GPS tracking software costs annually and avoids high hardware costs, which included $500 deposits per device.

Since implementing Fleetio Drive, McCorvey has seen higher driver retention and engagement because the company has invested in its drivers, gamified the process, provided training where needed and introduced positive reinforcement for top performers.

“Fleetio gives us a one-stop-shop to manage our assets and human capital and allows us to capture data by putting our work in a digital environment.”

-Chris Mondeau, Technology Coordinator at McCorvey Sheet Metal Works