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Fleetyr Development Service Integration

Fleetyr empowers your operations through united data. We connect, clean and enrich your fleet data and then make it talk through reports and visualizations. Our integrations and analysis provides you with actionable insights that help to create a safer, healthier, and sustainable fleet.

Fleetyr Integration Features

  • Fleetyr is data system agnostic. We use what you have, connect it, and automate the process for you.
  • We clean your data. Sick of sorting data into the right format, or having to double check false readings? We do this for you.
  • Anomaly Detection Analytics. We find the anomalies in your fleet operations and then present them to you at the click of a button.
  • We benchmark your data. Have you ever wanted to compare your fleet operations against others?
  • Customised analytics & reporting to suit your operations. As long as you have the data source, we will build what you need.

Areas of Operation

  • Global

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