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Unlock your truck fleet’s true potential

Hammer down on your truck fleet’s inefficiencies. Manage your logistics and truck fleet operation in a centralized and secure software. Pair Fleetio with your favorite ELD provider to track every aspect of your truck fleet from drivers, to expenses like fuel, maintenance and more.

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Control what matters to your truck fleet operation

  • Maintain all records in a centralized database

    Keep an organized history of all necessary data in a secured platform. From inspection logs to vehicle maintenance history, expenses and more, you’ll have the vital information you need to best manage your fleet.

  • Stay informed at all times

    Leverage GPS and telematics integrations as well as our ELD partners to track your vehicles and drivers. Gain valuable insight into truck utilization, inspection results, DTC fault codes and more.

  • Enhance efficiencies across your operation

    Automate service reminders for vehicle or maintenance issues and manage them in real time. Analyze your fleet’s data visually to make the best decisions for your operation.

Maintain inspection compliance while maximizing productivity

Our easy-to-use mobile app allows drivers to conduct thorough pre and post-trip vehicle inspections and log the data from their mobile device. Track all results from your administrative dashboard or on your device and take immediate action to avoid downtime. Learn More

  • Offline mobile access
  • Operator instructions
  • Set reminders
  • Upload photos and comments
  • Compliance and safety
  • Data consistency - Odometer entries
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"It's easy to use and helps us manage our truck fleet efficiently. Our employees love using the app."

Charles, Arizona

Trucking maintenance

Easily manage your entire truck maintenance process

Whether you conduct in-house or outsource maintenance, know when truck maintenance is needed ahead of time. Create digital work orders, track progress, history and manage expenses. Keep your trucks out of the shop and on the road. Learn More

  • Create, schedule and assign work orders
  • Automate your inventory management and prevent stock-outs
  • Seamlessly communicate with technicians and drivers
  • Simplify purchase orders and control expenses
  • Quickly coordinate truck maintenance for issues found in pre/post-trip inspections
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Control your truck fleet’s total cost per mile

Automate calculations and realize your truck’s total cost per mile. Reflect on expenses to determine ways to restrain expenses and keep your freight routes profitable. Learn More

  • Track truck expenses (fixed and variable costs)
  • Total fleet operating cost by month
  • Cost per mile trends
  • Configurable reports to share with other stakeholders
Trucking Integrations

See the whole picture

Leverage seamless integrations from top industry partners to automate fleet operations processes and centralize your data.

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