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Vehicle Inspection Form Template

If you’re not utilizing a thorough, driver-friendly inspection form, you may be sacrificing important fleet data on a daily basis. Our inspection form template ensures your drivers know exactly what to look for on their pre-trip vehicle inspections and establishes a historical record of each asset’s condition.

Vehicle Inspection Form Template

What is a DVIR?

A driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) is an inspection form that a vehicle operator fills out at the end of a trip to let their fleet manager know of any defects, issues or faults with the vehicle. A thorough DVIR, when used effectively, allows fleets to surface potential issues before they lead to unsafe operating conditions or even vehicle failure.

What should be checked in a pre-trip inspection?

When performing a pre-trip inspection, it's best to have a set checklist that guides the operator on a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle. Your pre-trip inspection checklist should cover general vehicle information (odometer/date/time), interior elements (horn/brakes/documentation), exterior elements (lights/tires/body), and mechanical elements (oil level/battery/odd sounds). By inspecting every element of the vehicle, you're more likely to catch an issue and schedule service before the part fails.

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How to use Fleetio’s free vehicle inspection template

Our vehicle inspection form is a PDF with pre-filled inspection items, laid out in a standard pass/fail format for ease of use and efficiency. The items in this inspection meet the requirements of the DOT's FMCSA inspection regulations.

Print out copies of this sheet as needed or create a notepad from the form to provide your operators with a fleet-wide standard for inspections.

Log and track information

With this free pre-trip inspection form, you will be able to log and track information like:

  • This form was designed in compliance with FMCSA 396.11.a.1 of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

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Manage your driver vehicle inspections with Fleetio

If you're tired of having to manually turn your driver's inspections into work orders, then it's time to automate your fleet's maintenance process. Fleet maintenance software allows your drivers to conduct their pre-trip inspections with a DVIR app. When an inspection item is marked as failed, you will immediately get a notification sent to your email, allowing you to create a work order and begin the maintenance process.

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