Frequently Asked Questions


How do you pronounce "Fleetio"?

Say it like "flee-tee-oh" :)

Can I use Fleetio outside the U.S.?

Yep, folks all over the world use it today. Fleetio has several settings that make it easy to use no matter where you are:

Which browsers does Fleetio support?

Fleetio works best on more modern browsers. Specifically we support Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Firefox 43 and higher, Safari 5.1 and higher, Chrome 22 and higher and Microsoft Edge.

Is there a mobile app for Fleetio?

Fleetio Go puts the power of Fleetio in your hand. Our native mobile app is available on iPhone and Android and helps you manage everything about your fleet on the go. View and update vehicle details, manage fuel and service entries, conduct inspections and more!

Fleetio Parts helps fleets stay on top of inventory management through an easy-to-use native mobile app. Update quantities and locations in real-time to avoid part stock outs and optimize inventory levels. Fleetio Parts is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Both mobile apps are free to Fleetio customers!

How often do you release updates?

Constantly. We release small tweaks and bug fixes daily and larger updates every week or two. The best part? We handle all the Fleetio updates, hosting and other IT headaches for you. All you have to do is use it, preferably with a smile :)

We even make it easy to keep up with changes via our email newsletter, @fleetio tweets and blog posts.

Can I use Fleetio for personal vehicles?

Absolutely! Anyone looking for a good way to track their car/truck/ATV/boat/etc. are more than welcome to use Fleetio for their personal assets.

Subscription and billing

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX

Can you send us an invoice so we can pay by check?

Sure thing, but you'll have to prepay for a full year. The good news is that you get $1 off per vehicle per month for purchasing an annual plan. Email us at or call us to get started.

Users and Accounts

What is the difference between an account and a user?

A User is a person with an email address & password. Vehicles belong to Accounts instead of Users so Accounts basically provide a way to group your vehicles.

Each Account is separate from a billing perspective and each has its own billing information.

How do permissions work for different users?

Fleetio has a super flexible permission system. Read about the details in our Help Center.

Import and export

Can I import fuel purchases from my fleet card provider?

Fleetio is currently integrated with a number of major Fuel Card Providers in the United States. With this option, our users can automatically have their fuel records import into their account on a daily basis. Visit our Fuel Card Page for more information.

Can you update mileage information from an external source like a GPS system?

Yes! We offer seamless GPS integrations with a growing list of GPS providers. In addition to getting geolocation data and automatic odometer updates, some integrations also offer fuel location exception reporting and DTC handling.

Can you import my data from another system or the spreadsheet we've been using?

Likely so if you can get all your vehicle information into a spreadsheet. Contact us and let's chat about it.

Vehicles and equipment

Do we have to buy any hardware to use Fleetio?

Nope, Fleetio works without the need for any in-vehicle tracking devices so there's no upfront costs to start using it for your fleet.

Does Fleetio work for equipment as well?

Fleetio is flexible enough to work for any asset that you would like to keep up with. You can set up preventative maintenance schedules in addition to logging services and expenses. Be sure to set equipment tracking units to "hours" so you can have an accurate usage history.

Can I track usage in kilometers or engine hours?

Yes! You can track usage in miles, kilometers or hours. The usage "type" can be set for each vehicle or piece of equipment.

Service Reminders

Is it possible to setup reminders for custom service/maintenance tasks?

Yes, you can add service reminders for more service types by adding "custom service types" for your account. Click the "Service Types" link under the Account drop-down link on the top navigation bar, then you can add/edit your custom service types from there.

Your custom service types will then be available as options on both the Service Reminder form, as well as the Service Entry form. You'll see them in addition to all the built-in options.

See our Help Center for more on customizing reminders and service types

Easily manage vehicles with Fleetio.