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User Management Controls

Focus your personnel on what’s relevant to their work with granular user management options. Facilitate collaboration while minimizing risk by controlling access to sensitive information.

Enable visibility and collaboration across your entire fleet

Example of the Contacts list in Fleetio

Manage as many users as you need

Whether you have a team of five or 5,000, Fleetio’s asset-based pricing encourages collaboration across your whole team – from fleet drivers to technicians.

Categorize fleet locations or teams with user groups

Manage users in bulk with custom user groups – assigning assets, parts, contacts and more based on the permissions set within the user's group.

Create custom roles that align with your organization

In addition to preloaded roles for fleets with standard setups, Fleetio allows organizations to define custom user roles with preset permissions, to keep your teams focused.

Set user language in the Go app

Ensure accessibility for English and Spanish-speaking users, send push notifications in native languages and collect data asset data like meter entries and work orders without any language gaps with Fleetio Go in Spanish.

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Benefits of User Management in Fleetio

Customizable Roles

Bulk User Management

Admin Privileges

User Groups

Contact Information

Last Known Login

Asset Assignments

Password Resets

Safeguard your fleet's data with permissions and security features

Adjust permissions down to the granular level

Precisely adjust what your employees can see and do across every feature and module with detailed permission configurations. Change permissions in bulk with Record Sets.

Empower your administrators with complete control

Administrator roles have unfettered access to billing, user management and more. The ability to view, edit and delete all records gives your leaders the control they need to oversee your operations.

Set password requirements and session timeout intervals

Control the security level of your users' passwords with custom rules and requirements. Define session timeout intervals to log users out after a predetermined period of inactivity.

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Example of a contact in Fleetio

Why our customers love Fleetio

"Fleetio has exponentially helped to streamline our company drive & vehicle tracking. The interface is very user friendly. Definitely worth the seemingly minimal investment."

Colleen P.

Colleen P.

EDA Contractors, Inc

"Both app and computer based makes it easy to use. My field technicians enjoy using the app."

Martin F.

Martin F.

Martin Fourie

"Fleetio is our sole source for keeping vehicle information and our operations staff up to date."

Rob K.

Rob K.


"Unlimited users and accessible via web/mobile, mass imports to make the transition easier, fuel card/GPS integration and customer service has been impeccable!"

Tasha B.

Tasha B.

HTS Ameritek

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In Fleetio, users can be classified as an operator, technician or employee. Operators can be assigned to assets and technicians can be selected in labor line items on work orders. Employees are classified for identification purposes only.
  • Fleetio allows administrators to control what data, modules and features your personnel can access down to the individual level. By limiting what records and fleet reports your personnel can access and how they can interact with them, you can minimize risk when sharing sensitive information.
  • With Fleetio, you can categorize users into preloaded roles or custom roles tailored to your organization’s precise needs. Custom roles allow you to granularly control what your personnel can see and do in Fleetio.

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