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Digital Work Orders

Track and manage your fleet's repairs in real time with a digital work order calendar. Monitor fleet data to reduce unplanned vehicle downtime and limit the cost of emergency repairs.

Improve work order management with Fleetio's work order software

Stop filling out paper work order forms

Creating a new work order in Fleetio's fleet management software

Schedule and manage work orders based on technician availability

Create work orders directly from DTC alerts or failed inspection items and add them to your fleet technician's calendar to get your vehicle repaired and back on the road quickly

Manage in-house and outsourced maintenance from one location

Know the status of all open repair tasks in your fleet, regardless of whether the work is performed in-house or outsourced to a maintenance shop

Categorize maintenance with Repair Priority Classes

Categorize a repair as Scheduled, Non-scheduled, or Emergency in order to improve your fleet's maintenance visibility and identify opportunities to reduce unplanned repairs

Track precise maintenance line items with ease

Receive accurate breakdowns of the costs of repair with line items for parts and labor tied to individual service tasks, providing up-to-date cost information for fleet vehicle ownership

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Key features of our Digital Work Order App

Monitor Order Status

Track Maintenance Spend

Manage Time Effectively

Eliminate Paper

Schedule Upcoming Service

Automate Workflows

Configure Notifications

Perform Bulk Updates

Improve labor management and scheduling with enhanced service tasks

Creating a new work order in Fleetio's fleet management software

Automatically link parts to service tasks

Cut unnecessary time wasted manually adding parts to work orders. With enhanced service tasks in Fleetio, fleets can link specific parts to common service tasks, such as oil changes, for another level of automation and time management.

Provide technicians with expected labor hour visibility

Set task completion time expectations for technicians and measure productivity to improve task assignments and schedules. Compare expected labor hours against actual task completion times to identify discrepancies and ensure precise exception handling and optimal operational efficiency.

Improve uptime with data-driven insights

Fleets can leverage expected labor hours in Service Tasks for better time management and informed decision-making. Monitor technician proficiency using the Technician Labor Summary report to see which techs excel at which tasks for decreased downtime in the shop.

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Integrate work orders with maintenance software

Expedite maintenance work flows to reduce vehicle downtime

When your work orders are linked to fleet maintenance software, you can instantly begin the maintenance and repair process to reduce the impact of downtime on your fleet

Automatically adjust inventory counts for vehicle parts used

Fleetio will automatically adjust your on-hand parts inventory when you assign a part to a maintenance task so you can avoid parts stockouts

Generate reports to see cost of service and operating costs at-a-glance

Cost of operation reports are updated for individual vehicles and the entire fleet as you add line items to a work order, and can be scheduled by email to simplify maintenance reporting

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Example of a work order in Fleetio's fleet management software

Why our customers love Fleetio

"I find this app saves me about 1.5 hours per day in the evening when I sit down to catch up all my files. If you use it as intended, it will be a huge benefit!"

Mark D.

Mark D.

Mark Dominey Trucking

"I use this platform as a mechanic on our diverse fleet. The layout of work orders is seamless and all around user friendly."

Zackary V.

Zackary V.


"Everything we've needed to maintain those trucks is easy and quick to grab."

Andrew M.

Andrew M.

Daniels Sharpsmart

"Fleetio is our first fleet maintenance software program. Before that, everything was done manually. We now have the ability to efficiently record, track and report on vehicle maintenance and operating activities, parts inventory, and just about every other facet of our business."

Robert J.

Robert J.

Kayak Public Transit

"Both app and computer based makes it easy to use. My field technicians enjoy using the app."

Martin F.

Martin F.

Martin Fourie

"Fleetio fleet management is exactly what we were looking for. Totally easy to use! We wanted to be able to track all of our truck expenses, and be able to see what each truck in the fleet costs per mile, and Fleetio does exactly that!"

Sheldon D.

Sheldon D.

Sue's Recycling

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