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Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS)

VMRS is a widely-accepted maintenance categorization system that allows fleets to better organize, report, and take action on their maintenance data. By utilizing VMRS codes in Fleetio, you gain valuable insight to improve decision-making around maintenance problems and minimize unplanned asset downtime.

VMRS Code Keys

Fleetio currently supports five major VMRS code keys

vmrs work order image
  • Code Key 14: Reason for Repair
    Reason for Repair describes the reasons why work was performed on an asset - such as Preventive Maintenance, a Breakdown, or an Accident.
  • Code Key 16: Repair Priority Class
    Repair Priority Class indicates whether a service was Scheduled, Non-Scheduled, or an Emergency repair. Apply this to your Work Orders and Service Entries to better understand what is driving costly non-scheduled repairs.
  • Code Key 31: System
    Identifies the system involved in a repair (e.g. the brake system or air conditioning, heating, and venting system).
  • Code Key 32: Assembly
    Further identifies the affected assembly element within the system (e.g. the front brakes).
  • Code Key 33: Component
    Component codes further define Assembly codes down to the individual part level. For example, the Front Brake Rotor.

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