Fleet Maintenance Management Software

End-to-end maintenance management
for fleets

Streamline fleet maintenance processes with Fleetio and never let preventative maintenance, routine inspections or repairs slip through the cracks again.

Smart PM scheduling

Forecast and schedule regular service tasks and inspections. Reminders and alerts help you stay on top of planned maintenance and routine inspections.

Identify problems early

Easily log defects from anywhere and track their resolution. Empower fleet managers to take action on issues as soon as they arise.

Powerful maintenance insights

Track work completed and report on maintenance costs and trends, helping you target areas to improve your bottom line.

Create preventative maintenance schedules

Don't let unexpected downtime and service costs cripple your fleet. Proactively stay on top of periodic maintenance tasks for every vehicle.

  • Schedule service reminders

    Schedule regular maintenance tasks such as oil changes, 50,000 mile service and more.

  • Predictive maintenance alerts

    Fleetio can forecast when regular service tasks will be due based on actual vehicle usage, helping you better plan shop operations.

Perform routine inspections

Ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet with Fleetio's modern, electronic alternative to paper-based vehicle inspection forms.

Eliminate paperwork
Be compliant
Tailored forms & checklists
Operator instructions
Monitor inspection integrity
Automate failure workflows

Capture issues as soon as they arise

Empower your fleet to report defects on the spot, helping you to address problems immediately.

  • Mobile defect reporting

    Issues can pop up anywhere. That's why Fleetio Go, our fleet management mobile app, makes it easy to report issues on the go.

  • Automated issue reporting

    Workflows automatically open issues from failed inspection items informing you of vehicles that need attention immediately.

  • Track issue resolution

    Link issues to Service Entries and Work Orders and log powerful issue resolution history.

Track work completed and maintain accountability

By managing service in Fleetio, you'll increase visibility into service activities and reduce time spent managing them.

  • Comprehensive maintenance logging

    Track maintenance tasks, labor hours, service cost and parts and understand cost of service as part of an asset’s operating expense and lifecycle.

  • Maintenance assignments

    Assign maintenance tasks to specific mechanics and manage due dates.

  • External WO tracking

    Keep track of service performed even when the work is done by a third-party.

Report on maintenance costs and trends

Get powerful maintenance history for every asset without endless spreadsheets. Export PDFs and share insight instantly.