Fleet Reports

Make fleet operations transparent

Fleetio has more than 20 reports (and growing!) to help you
keep tabs on fleet operations trends without laborous spreadsheets.

Surface your most important fleet metrics

Every report features easy-to-read data visualizations, flexible filtering and customizable date ranges. Print or export PDFs to make sharing critical operations data quick and simple.

View operational costs in real-time

View operating cost data for your assets to help optimize allocation and financial forecasting. Fleetio makes it easy to see fuel and service costs for specific vehicles, groups or your entire fleet.

Track how your vehicles are being used

Track average usage stats such as distance traveled per day or usage per hour for a vehicle or piece of equipment, helping you monitor aging assets and anticipate service needs.

Report on maintenance costs and trends

When you keep track of parts and service in Fleetio, you can report on historical maintenance tasks and understand labor and parts costs as part of an asset’s operating expenses.

Keep tabs on work completed and associated costs

By logging service and parts in Fleetio, you can keep track of historical service, labor and parts costs, giving you a hard line into how much a vehicle costs to service over its lifetime.

Know where your parts are at all times

Track part locations down to the aisle, row and bin number. You can even see which parts are used on each vehicle, making it easy to keep track of and report on inventory.

Track purchase order expenses by vendor

Gain visibility into how much you spend with each vendor with purchase order reports. Drill down into details such as parts cost, location and quantity, helping you pinpoint the most cost effective suppliers.

Unlock insight into fuel data

Report on fuel performance in aggregate or by vehicle in your preferred unit of measurement. Fleetio makes it easy to share fuel consumption data, spot deficiencies and optimize vehicle allocation.

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