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Fleet Contact Management

Manage information and relevant documents about each individual that touches your fleet. Set reminders to ensure that all information is up to date.

Store anything and everything about your fleet contacts

Example of a list of contacts in Fleetio Go.

Maintain contact information for your entire team

Keep contact lists for everybody who makes your fleet run – Fleetio users and non-users – making it easy to pull up contact information at any time.

Stay ahead of renewals and important dates

Set reminders and assign renewal tasks to ensure your employees and drivers are always up-to-date on documentation.

Upload important documents for your contacts

Fleetio replaces employee folders and outdated filing systems. Store driver photos, certifications, license copies and more.

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Contact management features and fields

Contact Information

Asset Assignment History

Documentation Renewals

License Information

Location History

Open Vehicle Issues

Employment Information

Inspection History

Manage all of the users involved in your fleet operation

Track driver inspections and asset assignments

Give your drivers a voice by receiving notifications for failed pre-trip inspections. Assign drivers to specific vehicles and view a list of historical assignments.

Prioritize open work orders and measure technician productivity

Set the repair priority for open work orders so your technicians always know where to start their day. Track the time to complete tasks to improve fleet efficiency.

Streamline repair order approvals with maintenance shops

Quickly approve or reject repair line items from your preferred fleet maintenance shop or create auto-approval policies based on specific criteria.

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Example of a contact in Fleetio Go.

Why our customers love Fleetio

"I find this app saves me about 1.5 hours per day in the evening when I sit down to catch up all my files. If you use it as intended, it will be a huge benefit!"

Mark D.

Mark D.

Mark Dominey Trucking

"Both app and computer based makes it easy to use. My field technicians enjoy using the app."

Martin F.

Martin F.

Martin Fourie

"Fleetio is our first fleet maintenance software program. Before that, everything was done manually. We now have the ability to efficiently record, track and report on vehicle maintenance and operating activities, parts inventory, and just about every other facet of our business."

Robert J.

Robert J.

Kayak Public Transit

"Everything we've needed to maintain those trucks is easy and quick to grab."

Andrew M.

Andrew M.

Daniels Sharpsmart

"Fleetio is our sole source for keeping vehicle information and our operations staff up to date."

Rob K.

Rob K.


"Fleetio fleet management is exactly what we were looking for. Totally easy to use! We wanted to be able to track all of our truck expenses, and be able to see what each truck in the fleet costs per mile, and Fleetio does exactly that!"

Sheldon D.

Sheldon D.

Sue's Recycling

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