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About Fleetio

We help organizations track, analyze and improve their fleet operations

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Our Story

Fleetio launched in January 2012, and today thousands of people use Fleetio to manage hundreds of thousands of vehicles, equipment, parts, drivers and more. Over the years we've worked with fleets of 10 vehicles to many thousands, and our mission is still the same.

Our Passion

Fleet operations are complex and difficult to manage. People start out trying to use spreadsheets but quickly outgrow them. That's why we're passionate about making it easy to manage a fleet so organizations can spend more time focusing on their own mission.

Our Philosophy


Fleet management software should reduce complexity, not add to it.


Working together as a team is the best way to manage the fleet.


A central location for all fleet data is key to staying organized.


Fleet data is useless unless it helps you make better decisions.

Our Leadership

Esteban Contreras

Esteban Contreras

VP, Product

Belinda Rueffer

Tyson Goeltz


Matt Mandel

Matt Mandel


Jon Meachin

Jon Meachin


Belinda Rueffer

Belinda Rueffer

VP, Marketing

Sharon Schindler

Sharon Schindler

VP, Program Management

Senthil Subramanian headshot

Senthil Subramanian

VP, Engineering

Tony Summerville

Tony Summerville

Founder & Executive Chairman

Jessica Underbink headshot

Jessica Underbrink

VP, Customer Experience

Jorge Valdivia

Jorge Valdivia


Leslie Wolin headshot

Leslie Wolin

VP, People

Our Customers

Our customers are passionate about what they do. See how Fleetio empowers organizations around the world, from landscaping companies to public bus fleets and everything in between.

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We're a fast-paced team tackling a big problem faced by millions of organizations around the world. We're always looking for great people to join our cause.