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About Fleetio

We believe managing a fleet should be easier.

Our Philosophy


Fleet management software should reduce complexity, not add to it.


Working together as a team is the best way to manage the fleet.


A central repository for all fleet information is key to staying organized.


Fleet data is useless unless it helps you make better decisions.

Our Story

After working with dozens of businesses that operate vehicles each day, we realized how challenging it is to manage a fleet. Some people were using spreadsheets but that was painful for even basic fleet management. Many companies didn't actively manage their fleet at all, hoping drivers would just take care of their vehicles.

They all knew this was a bad approach but couldn't find an easy and affordable way to keep up with fleet operations. So we set out to build a better solution.

Fleetio launched publicly in January 2012 with a handful of beta customers. Today thousands of people use Fleetio to manage their company's vehicles and drivers.

Over the years we've worked with fleets of 10 vehicles to many thousands, and our vision is still the same. We're passionate about making it easy to manage a fleet so organizations can spend more time focusing on thier own mission.


Koy Carraway


Holly Chaney

Customer Success

Matt Chapman

Account Executive

Lori Sullivan

Marketing Director

Tony Summerville

Founder & CEO

Jorge Valdivia

Software Engineer

Richard Young

Software Engineer

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