Maintenance Shop Integration

Completely automate outsourced maintenance activities and get real-time service reporting.

Take back control of outsourced maintenance

Efficiently manage external maintenance activities across your fleet and get instant insight into service data. Fully automate your authorization and transactional workflows while maintaining control and real-time visibility of all fleet maintenance activities.

Contact Management
Contact Management

Track all the people and entities that touch your fleet, including drivers, mechanics, vendors and more.

Control costs
Control costs

Quickly approve or reject repair line items from the shop or create auto-approval policies based on specific criteria. Only pay for work that is approved and avoid overcharges.

Immediate insight
Immediate insight

No data entry! Data from your repair orders is collected and categorized automatically, giving you instant insight into total cost of ownership, spend and more.

How the Maintenance Shop Integration works

End-to-end Outsourced Maintenance Management without Lifting a Finger

Vehicle Enters Shop

Driver or runner takes the vehicle to one of the 85,000+ in-network repair shops.

Repair Order Submitted

Shop creates an electronic repair order with necessary line items and submits for fleet manager review.

Electronic Approval

Handle approvals electronically via auto-approval policies or manually approve or reject line items.

Vehicle Repaired

Shop is notified of approval/rejection decisions and completes repair.

Back on the Road

Driver and vehicle get back on the road with the repair order data stored as a new service entry in Fleetio.

Real-time Reporting

Service data is categorized by vehicle system automatically enabling instant insight and real-time reporting across your fleet.

Optimize Efficiency

Simplify preventive maintenance and repair activities

Lighten the load of coordinating service and managing approvals. Fleetio alerts you when vehicles are due for service, helps you manage the process electronically and maximizes uptime.

Keep up with preventive maintenance compliance

Empower responsible parties with PM notifications. Receive a PM notification before maintenance is due and schedule an appointment at your preferred shop. Reminders are automatically reset when service is complete.

Fine-grained control of repairs

Choose what you want to review manually and designate approvers by group. Set up auto-approval limits by dollar amount and shop. Create auto-rejection decisions based on specific line items.

Painless billing with automated consolidation

With speedy approvals and no payments or expense reports to worry about, drivers get back on the road fast. Fleetio handles payment in the background, reducing time spent at the shop.

See how Cherrylake leveraged the Maintenance Shop Integration

Large Network

Enjoy the benefits of a maintenance network regardless of fleet size

Access to our network providers and electronic repair order management tools are included in every Fleetio subscription at no additional cost.

Work with your preferred providers

Gain insight into repair shop experience from other users and continue using the shops you know and trust.

Everyday savings and exclusive discounts

With over 85,000 shops in the network, our Shop Directory makes it easy to choose the right shop for the job. Enjoy exclusive discounts at National providers, helping you save 10% on average.

Painless billing with automated consolidation

Instead of sifting through service invoices, all service costs are automatically placed into a single itemized bill that includes all your vendors. Reconcile quickly and easily.

See how ServiceMaster Restore expedites invoicing & billing

Immediate Insight

View real-time maintenance reports and make better decisions

Data from your transactions is immediately available, helping you make the right decisions sooner and ultimately lower total cost of ownership.

Record service automatically and increase transparency

Completed repair orders and detailed line items are logged in Fleetio automatically, enabling real-time service reporting without the headache of data entry.

See exactly what you’re spending on service

See category breakdowns of spend by vehicle system and service task to gain insight into which systems are failing consistently across your fleet. Improve PM scheduling and purchasing decision-making.

Optimize vendor utilization

See how much you’re spending on service tasks at different vendors, helping you take advantage of competitive pricing and reduce overall maintenance costs.

See how Fleetio compares

Fleet Management Company
  • Manages approvals based on broad guidelines
  • Difficult to access repair data on demand
  • Easily spot cost and repair trends in real-time
  • National provider discounts but at the cost of hiring FMC
  • Electronically approve or reject ROs at line-item level
  • Access detailed maintenance history 24/7
  • Easily spot cost and repair trends
  • National provider discounts, regardless of fleet size
Paper or Spreadsheets
  • Unnecessary time spent on phone with shops approving ROs
  • No centralized maintenance records
  • Difficult to spot trends from paper invoices
  • National provider discounts limited for smaller fleets

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