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Case Studies

R.T. Moore

With a multi-state network of over 500 vehicles, mechanical contractor R.T. Moore keeps all of its assets in check with Fleetio.

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R.T. Moore

Type: Contractor

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana

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  • maintenance-shop-integration
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Company Objectives:

  1. Align operations across multiple locations
  2. Move away from paper processes
  3. Prioritize safety with better maintenance processes

The team at R.T. Moore serves Central Indiana, Ohio and Florida’s Gulf Coast as a mechanical contractor, specializing in plumbing, HVAC, engineering and design services for commercial and residential projects. Since 1955, their company has grown to a fleet of more than 500 assets, forcing them to modernize their paper-based fleet management processes in order to keep their operations in order. That’s why they turned to Fleetio six years ago.

1. Managing seven locations across Indiana, Ohio and Florida

Running a large operation can get a little complicated, especially when you’re spread out between three different states. R.T. Moore’s six fleet technicians are assigned at seven separate locations, and making sure everyone stays on the same page can be a challenge.

“With Fleetio, we’re able to collaborate just like we’re next door,” says Alex Kennedy, fleet and safety manager for R.T. Moore.

Fleetio serves as their central source of information for each piece of the fleet, no matter where they are. All of their vehicles’ inspections, service records and preventive maintenance schedules are stored in the app, so each asset’s data is available to anyone who may need it.

“If the owner comes in and wants to know how many trucks are due [for service] in Tipton, Indiana, I can just pull it up with a few clicks of a button,” says Tim Andrews, lead fleet technician. “Being able to go in there give numbers, you can see the data – I can find an answer pretty quick.”

2. Digitizing service histories and other fleet data

“Our fleet management system [before Fleetio] wasn’t really a system at all,” Kennedy says. “It was pretty… manual, I would say – paper-based, spreadsheets, spread out across a bunch of different people.”

Kennedy realized that with as large of a company as R.T. Moore was, they needed a more centralized system that would allow more visibility with less effort. Fleetio allowed the team to synchronize all of their fleet data into a single dashboard that could be accessed from a computer, phone or tablet, meaning information could be accessed faster and decisions made more quickly. Where it used to take days or even weeks to track down the service history of an asset in the fleet, Kennedy can now find what he needs in a matter of minutes.

“So we have a healthier operation than we’ve ever had before, because of the organization [Fleetio] provides,” Kennedy said.

3. Streamlining maintenance and improving safety

As lead technician, Andrews has to manage the maintenance for hundreds of assets, and utilizing third-party shops is an important part of R.T. Moore’s maintenance strategy. Fleetio’s Maintenance Provider Network allows him and Kennedy to quickly communicate with partner shops and approve line items on work orders, and because they have thorough, proper documentation, they can avoid losing money in service costs by being overquoted by external technicians.

“There’s trucks we have that go to different shops all the time,” Andrews says. “Sometimes shops will try to quote us something and I have been able to look [in Fleetio] and see that we’ve had that done recently. We just had one done the other day that was a $6000 quote for this and that, and I was able to go in Fleetio for that vehicle and see we actually had what they were trying to quote to us done just about two years ago… We catch stuff like that all the time.”

With those detailed service histories, Kennedy can take a close look at the total cost of ownership on each of his assets to ensure that they’re still generating a good return on investment for the company.

“I can pull up the [service] history and determine, is this something that we want to put the money into that specific asset, or do we want to hold off and maybe trade that vehicle in and get something new?” he says.

Because maintenance costs, communication and workflow being so streamlined, Kennedy is able to put his efforts where they really belong.

“My main priority at R.T. Moore is to drive safety for our organization,” he says. “Utilizing Fleetio frees up my time so I can do that.”

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