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Fleet Parts Inventory Management System

Track spare auto parts inventory, manage stock and control costs with a fleet inventory management system – all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Automate your inventory workflows so you're never missing what you need for maintenance.

User managing parts inventory with Fleetio

Manage spare parts inventory while reducing downtime and costs

Example of parts activity report in Fleetio

Avoid stockouts with low inventory alerts

Always know how much you have in stock, track how much you’ve used, and receive notifications when it’s time to reorder, well before the last second.

Reduce unnecessary costs through rightsizing

Rightsize your inventory with clear cost insights and actionable data, as well as record order history and compare vendor prices, so that you’re never spending more than is necessary on parts.

Increase efficiency and optimize space

Integrate digital tracking to know exactly where all of your inventory is – down to the aisle, row and bin – and stay organized to streamline maintenance workflows and manage bulk operations.

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Key features of our Parts Inventory Management Software

Centralized Inventory Management

Barcode/RFID Capability

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Parts Reordering Automation

Vendor Management

Cost Tracking and Reporting

Mobile Accessibility

Seamlessly integrate all of your inventory data in Fleetio

Unify your maintenance data sources

Let data flow effortlessly between parts and inventory, inspections, work orders, and service history, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information in real time.

Track maintenance costs down to the line item

By managing your parts inventory in a fleet management system, you can assign individual parts to repair orders to ensure your service costs are up-to-date and comprehensive. Inventory valuation methods allow even more control over the reported cost of spare parts.

Optimize your fleet management workflows

Manage maintenance workflows to allow users to seamlessly transition from work order creation to parts inventory management, technician assignments, work order approvals and cost tracking, all within the same dashboard.

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Why our customers love Fleetio

"The Fleetio Parts app has allowed us to streamline our online inventory, and tie parts into work orders so we can track what trucks use which parts."

Hayden M.

Hayden M.

Pacific Sweeping

"Fleetio fleet management is exactly what we were looking for. Totally easy to use! We wanted to be able to track all of our truck expenses, and be able to see what each truck in the fleet costs per mile, and Fleetio does exactly that!"

Sheldon C.

Sheldon C.

Sue's Recycling and Sanitation

"The ease of use is by far the best part. Our previous fleet management software felt like too much. Plus, when our previous software had updates with more features, those features cost more money. Fleetio keeps the updates coming with no additional cost."

Frederick C.

Frederick C.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Inventory tracking involves monitoring and recording the movement of inventory items. Common methods include barcode scanning, RFID tracking and using inventory management software.
  • Parts inventory management is a crucial step for fleets who want to mitigate downtime, control costs and maintain efficiency in servicing their assets. By always knowing what parts you have on hand, in-house maintenance will never be held up by stockouts, and you’ll be able to keep costs lower by comparing vendor prices and only reordering when necessary.
  • Parts inventory management is the process of tracking and controlling the stock of spare parts and components used in maintaining and repairing equipment or vehicles. How to manage parts inventory involves monitoring inventory levels, organizing stock, managing supplier relationships, and ensuring timely availability of parts when needed.

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