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One solution for all your fleet management and maintenance needs

Fleet Management

Track every detail about your vehicles and equipment

Asset Management

Properly managing assets allows you to acquire, allocate, operate and remarket smarter.

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Fuel Management

Unlock fuel trend insight, spot deficiencies and optimize vehicle allocation.

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Tire Management

Monitor the location and track the condition of every tire in your fleet.

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VIN Decoding

Retrieve vehicle specs and maintenance schedules to use in Fleetio using VIN numbers.

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Driver Assignments

See all of your driver assignments in a calendar view and manage them with ease.

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Vehicle Location History

Track your vehicles based on when and where daily fleet activities take place.

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Fleet Reports

Unlock powerful, shareable insights into fleet maintenance and operational trends.

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Expense Tracking & Cost Analysis

From aquisition to disposal, understand the true cost of running your fleet.

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Fleet Dashboards

Get a bird’s-eye view of fleet productivity and manage exceptions in real-time.

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Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Create and validate replacement policies and cycle vehicles at the right time.

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Fleet Maintenance

Automate maintenance triggers, handle service and resolve issues

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Stay on top of PM tasks with scheduling and predictive service reminders.

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Vehicle Inspections

Maintain compliance and eliminate pencil whipping with electronic vehicle inspections.

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Recall Alerts

Learn about safety recalls on your vehicles as soon as they're released.

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Vehicle Issue Management

Boost efficiency and maximize uptime by prioritizing issues in your fleet.

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Maintenance Provider Network

Streamline maintenance provider orders, approvals, billing and data capture.

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Work Orders

Plan, schedule and track detailed maintenance tasks and costs.

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Parts & Inventory

Track fleet parts and supplies with ease, set up low inventory notifications.

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Purchase Orders

Streamline the process of ordering and purchasing fleet supplies.

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Service History

View a complete service history for every vehicle in your fleet.

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Warranty Management

Track asset warranty policies and set alerts for warranty-covered service.

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Integrations & Collaboration

Integrate with other systems and collaborate with your team

GPS & Telematics Integration

Sync odometer readings, import and manage DTC alerts, see a vehicle's current location.

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Fuel Card Integration

Automatically download fuel transactions and receive alerts for invalid odometer readings.

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Contact Management

Track all the people and entities that touch your fleet, including drivers, mechanics, vendors and more.

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User Management

Boost collaboration and control user access with custom roles and permissions.

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Mobile App

Download our iOS or Android apps and work from anywhere.

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Developer API

Unlock endless integration opportunities with a public API and webhook events.

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Stay informed on critical tasks for your vehicles and equipment and collaborate with your team from anywhere.

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Great teams depend on Fleetio

Thousands of customers around the world recognize Fleetio as the best fleet management software.

Josh Adam Inta Maintenance video

"Id recommend Fleetio Manage to anyone looking for a cost-effective, simple, cloud-based solution that their entire employee base can use."

Josh Adam

Inta Maintenance

Ryan Hamilton Filld video

"We were doing paper logs and experimenting with a few other tech applications and really Fleetio was the one that very clearly set us up for long-term growth."

Ryan Hamilton


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