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Vehicle Profiles

All Vehicle Details

Store everything about your fleet. Purchase or lease details, operating expenses, status history, driver assignments, important dates and more — all in one place.

Real-time Cost Per Mile

Cost per mile (or kilometer or hour) is automatically calculated for each vehicle. This powerful metric shows your fleet expenses by utilization and helps compare vehicles.

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Documents & Photos

Upload lease contracts, warranty details and other important documents. Add photos for better vehicle identification or recording damage.

Custom Fields

Store custom attributes about your vehicles. Custom fields can be open text fields, date fields, or drop-downs with predefined values for data consistency.

Import & Export Data

Import vehicle data at any time. Bulk update your vehicle data by exporting it, editing in your favorite spreadsheet program and re-importing it.

Maintenance & Repair Tracking

Email Reminders

Setup reminder notifications for any service task (e.g. oil change, PM-A, etc). Subscribe multiple users to any reminder, including renewal reminders (tag renewal, insurance, etc).

Vehicle Defect Reporting

Users can report problems with a vehicle such as “brakes making noise” or “cracked windshield” — even from their phone. Other users are automatically notified allowing you to quickly diagnose and resolve vehicle issues.

Work Order Management

Plan, schedule & carry out maintenance with Work Orders. Each line item can have its own parts/labor subtotals and you can even log which parts were used and/or mechanic(s) who did the work.

Parts Database

Manage detailed information about your fleet’s parts. Record parts usage in Work Orders.

Service Records

Service Entries are a simple and fast way to log maintenance for a vehicle. It’s more for basic summary data (work accomplished, parts/labor costs, etc) and is typically useful when a work is done by a 3rd party vendor and you just want to log it quickly.

Contact Management

Employee & Driver Management

Keep detailed records about employees, including custom fields, photos and documents. Set reminders for important dates, like license renewals or drug tests. Assign drivers to vehicles and maintain assignment history.

Vendor Management

Track important details about 3rd-party service providers, fuel vendors, in-house groups or cost centers. Link them to maintenance and fuel records, making it easy to see exactly how much you’re spending with each vendor.


Unlimited Users

Fleet management is best with shared responsibilities. Add unlimited users to keep everyone on the same page. Flexible permissions let you control what each user can do, and which vehicles he or she can access.

API Integration

Software is best when its data can be leveraged by other systems. Use Fleetio data like vehicle records, maintenance logs and driver information in third-party software applications.

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Comments & Notifications

Leave notes & comments on just about everything – vehicles, fuel & maintenance records, vendors, etc. Other users can subscribe and receive email notifications when a comment is added.

Mobile Access

Manage your fleet from anywhere using your phone or tablet. Users can update vehicles, log issues and enter maintenance or fuel records on-the-go.

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