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Vehicle Location History

See the last known location of any vehicle based on fuel ups, inspections, service and GPS tracking integrations.

Track your vehicles based on their daily activities

Your fleet vehicles are constantly on the move. In Fleetio, you can easily see where they’ve been based on tasks and activities performed throughout the day— vehicle inspections, fuel ups, GPS tracking data and service work.

vehicle location map image
  • Date/time
  • Filter by type or date/time
  • Pan/zoom map
  • Map or satellite view

Integrate your fuel cards and telematics devices for even more location insight

See your vehicles in the field— where they fuel up and GPS locations, helping you make the most of your drivers’ and vehicles’ time.

vehicle map fuel image
  • See last known vehicle location from your telematics devices from our trusted Telematics Partners
  • View vehicle fuel-up locations when you integrate fuel cards from our trusted Fuel Card Partners

Receive alerts based on a vehicle's last known location

Receive an email when vehicles enter or exit geofences, ensuring you know your vehicles are where they need to be and manage exceptions.

vehicle map geofence alert image
  • Create custom geofence sizes around any area of interest
  • Arrival and departure notifications

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