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We know your job is demanding

Tight Budgets

Budgets are tight with little room for reactive vehicle maintenance costs.

Aging Vehicles

Your aging fleet vehicles require more maintenance than most leading to increased downtime and potential safety issues.

Costly Fuel Expenses

Fuel expenses are high and can be unpredictable.

Unenthusiastic Employees

Your drivers and employees may feel overworked and have low morale.

Fleet software that lightens the load for government fleets


Improve Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with governmental regulations using electronic inspection forms tailored to specific regulations for your fleet.

Reduce downtime

Reduce Downtime

Forecast service schedules based on vehicle utilization to improve fleet budgeting and maintenance planning. Stay proactive with service reminders and vehicle maintenance logs.

Fuel cost reporting

Cut Fuel Costs

Monitor fuel use and purchases to reduce expenses and prevent theft. Calculate fuel economy automatically, receive immediate alerts and create fuel reports.

I love the custom inspections as they enable us to create detailed inspection criteria for our equipment. The function of these items is imperative to successful, safe operations just as much as the vehicle.

Dennis Petteys
Engineer-Paramedic / Apparatus Manager, Scotts Valley Fire
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