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Automated Fleet Management Software

Stop operating in the dark

Managing a fleet shouldn’t be a never ending task list of data entry and number crunching. Automation allows you to shed light on every hidden corner of your fleet without the hassle of hands-on data work.

Automation is an opportunity, not a replacement

There’s no substitute for a good fleet manager. But the best fleet managers rely on technology to improve their fleet operations.

  • Tired of constantly replicating the same forms, same tasks and same data, day in and day out? Fleet management software enables a more streamlined process, where simple actions like creating a failed inspection item automatically results in a complete work order with parts and labor requirements without lifting a finger.

Example of service history with automation in Fleetio

Automate your fleet management tasks


If you’ve ever found yourself jumping back and forth between tabs or flipping through stacks of paper, imagine a single integrated dashboard where all of your data is automatically added in real time.


Staying compliant with state and federal regulations requires a lot of attention and specificity, and a miss can be costly. Automating your maintenance and inspection documentation ensures that you always have it complete and on-hand.


Managing your data by hand means wasting time and resources on processes that could be happening in the background while you handle the things in your fleet that really matter.

Predictive Capability

Forecasting gets a lot easier when you have automation analyzing all of your past data and recognizing trends you can use to set yourself up for future success.

Cost Savings

Knowing the real-time costs of operating your fleet is essential when finding opportunities to reduce spend. Instead of pulling all those numbers yourself, automated fleet software provides you with up-to-date TCO and CPM for every asset so you can focus on making informed decisions.

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Fleetio customers love our automation features

"Fleetio is a company that gets it. They understand what companies need out of a fleet management software."

Kenny S.

Kenny S.

Remedial Transportation Services

"[Fleetio’s] many integration options keep all of our reporting in one easy to review place and allow us to see true dollar spend for each vehicle and our fleet as a whole."

Lisa L.

Lisa L.

Scobee Powerline Construction

"Fleetio clearly has a forward-facing view towards software and technology, and their user-friendly interface is no exception to this. I really appreciate that the UI is intuitive, and the relevant information that I need is right at my fingertips for quick retrieval."

Joy B.

Joy B.

Fleet Nav Systems, LLC

"We like being able to to add our landscaping assets as well as our vehicles to Fleetio."

Robert S.

Robert S.

Cape Fear Landscaping

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