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Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Software

Stay on top of regular service timelines with automated reminders. Increase uptime and compliance and reduce costly breakdowns with maintenance scheduling while managing utilization with pre-scheduled preventive action.

Fleet technician performs routine maintenance with help of Fleetio's maintenance schedules

Always know when maintenance is coming up

Example of a maintenance service program in Fleetio

Receive mobile reminders

Set a due soon threshold for when you would like to be notified about upcoming maintenance and receive due soon and overdue reminders in Fleetio Go, helping you keep tabs on a vehicle's service needs from anywhere.

Customize and standardize service intervals

Determine when PM services need to be completed across your fleet based on specific asset attributes, or after your vehicles drive a certain distance, run for a set number of hours or go a specific amount of time since their last service.

Align PM schedules across your fleet

Bulk edit changes to your Service Programs and maintenance timelines on all related assets, ensuring consistent standards in line with OEM guidelines.

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Key features of our Preventive Maintenance Software

Automated Service Reminders

Paperless Scheduling

Customizable Service Programs

Asset Utilization Tracking

Reporting and Analytics

Bulk Updates

Standardized Service Intervals

Due Soon Thresholds

Save time and money with standardized maintenance

Example of a work order in Fleetio

Keep tabs on cost

Monitor costs at the vehicle system, sub-system and service task level. Use this data to adjust maintenance schedules and proactively determine when service reminders need to be set.

Manage outsourced maintenance

Streamline external repair order management with ourMaintenance Provider Network. Manage repair order approvals electronically and get drivers back on the road quickly. Get one monthly bill for all your vendors.

Keep in-house maintenance on schedule

Work Orders help you plan and carry out maintenance tasks on time, track parts used and automatically adjust inventory levels. Assign work to a mechanic and completed service is linked to your asset automatically, resetting your PM alerts.

Track maintenance compliance with Repair Priority Classes

With maintenance data categorization, you can quickly surface fleet-wide trends to see how much of your maintenance is planned/preventive maintenance, compared to how many of your repairs are contributing to unplanned vehicle downtime.

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Why our customers love Fleetio

"Before Fleetio, we had little to no idea whether maintenance was being performed on time. Now, a simple glance at the dashboard tells me or our managers where we stand."

Steve C.

Steve C.

Stanley Steemer

"The ability to assign tasks, update maintenance records, and upload photos is extremely helpful. I highly recommend the app for anyone needing to keep tabs on vehicle maintenance."

Evan G.

Evan G.

Northridge Church

"No longer will we wonder if the "Next service due" sticker that the mechanic put in the windshield is based on his schedule or ours."

Gary M.

Gary M.

Algona EMS

"Since switching to Fleetio we have noticed an incredible difference with equipment being serviced on schedule. The reason is simple – I get an email from Fleetio when a piece of equipment is nearing or overdue for service."

Jerry M.

Jerry M.

City of Troy

"I have everything pertaining to my fleet in one place."

Dan D.

Dan D.

Coral Springs Improvement District

"I got everything into it that I need and I now really have a handle on what's going on with our vehicles."

Phillip R.

Phillip R.

Richmar Controls

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