Equipment Management Software

Manage your fleet's small equipment and tools in one place

Remove the headache of using spreadsheets to manage job-critical small equipment and tools. Track small equipment and tools alongside your vehicles and improve team accountability to get the job done.

Equipment Tracking

Centralize all fleet assets in one system

Equipment tracking
  • Eliminate spreadsheets

    Remove dated workflows and increase efficiency by managing your entire fleet in one system. Stay one click away from data like equipment details, location and purchase information.

  • Never lose track of equipment and tools

    Efficiently track the small equipment your organization relies on with a simple and effective solution. Gain complete visibility into an audit trail of your equipment usage.

  • Collaborate with your team

    Share photos, documents and comments to ensure your team is in-the-know. With unlimited users, you can make it easy for everyone to take advantage of a centralized hub for your small equipment.

Equipment Accountability

Improve accountability and easily locate your small equipment at all times

Equipment accountability
  • Increase equipment productivity

    Quickly identify whether equipment and tools are available and ready to use. Gain visibility into a complete history of who has been responsible for those assets.

  • Know who is using equipment at all times

    Allow your team to reserve equipment so you are always aware of equipment location, who is responsible and when equipment is due back. Your team can then check equipment back in so others can clearly see availability.

  • Link small equipment to the vehicles they travel in each day

    Easily link your small equipment and tools to the vehicles they travel in and the people who use them. This way, you’ll know exactly where your assets are at all times, who is responsible for them and can ensure your vehicles have the equipment and tools needed for your team to get their jobs done.

Asset Mobility

Manage your small equipment from anywhere

Equipment mobility
  • Empower your crews

    Give your crews the ability to quickly identify, search for and check in/out equipment from anywhere with the Fleetio Go mobile app.

  • Simplify equipment management with barcode scanning and NFC

    Leverage Fleetio Go to instantly add, manage and assign equipment on-the-go. Fleetio supports NFC tags so you can track your equipment accurately and efficiently.

  • Stay up-to-date in real time

    Notifications on your equipment and tools help keep teams informed by pushing the most important information to exactly who needs to know on their desktop or mobile device.

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