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VIN Decoding

Access fleet vehicle specs and OEM-recommended service schedules automatically, reducing the burden of manual data entry. Whether in the office or on the go, users can rely on Fleetio to provide up-to-date vehicle details and specifications, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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Fleetio's VIN decoder gathers 90+ vehicle specs instantly

Automatically import essential vehicle information

Example of vehicle specs in Fleetio

Automatically import essential vehicle information

All it takes is a VIN. From there, Fleetio populates vehicle details and specifications that you can access anytime and anywhere.

Retrieve 90+ vehicle specs instantly

VIN decoding provides fleets with comprehensive data on their fleet vehicles. Specs, engine and transmission information, fluid and capacity levels, details about wheels/tires and so much more.

Automatically pull OEM-recommended maintenance schedules

When it comes to optimal times for servicing vehicles, original equipment manufacturers tend to know best. VIN decoding automatically pulls the latest OEM-suggested service intervals so you can start meeting your maintenance goals immediately.

Get alerts for vehicle recalls in your fleet

Once you add a vehicle’s VIN into Fleetio, our integration with the NHTSA will notify you whenever a safety recall is issued. This enables fleets to take advantage of repairs and increase safety fleet-wide far more quickly than relying on manufacturer notices sent via mail.

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Key benefits of VIN Decoding

90+ vehicle specs

OEM maintenance recommendations

Vehicle recall alerts

Easy to import vehicles

Leverage VIN decoding for simplified fleet management

Example of vehicle specs using Fleetio's mobile app

Eliminate manual data entry

By importing vehicles using Fleetio's built-in VIN decoder, you're able to start making an impact on your fleet immediately. Gather vehicle specs and set up maintenance workflows for each vehicle in your fleet – all customized based on the OEM recommendations attached to the year, make and model of your vehicles.

Compare vehicles across your fleet to find the best fit

Fleetio's reports allow you to compare the costs of operating each vehicle in your fleet. By grouping similar vehicles, you can see which vehicle types are the most cost effective, and also create a plan to replace the vehicles that are more of a burden than they're worth.

Access vehicle information on the go

You never know when your personnel might need to look up vehicle information while in the field. With Fleetio Go, your drivers and technicians can always pull up important vehicle information (towing capacity, service history, fuel type, etc.) to ensure they have the information needed to give each asset the individual care it requires.

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Why our customers love Fleetio

"I find the app saves me about 1.5 hours per day in the evening when I sit down to catch up all my files. If you use it as intended, it will be a huge benefit!"

Mark D.

Mark D.

Mark Dominey Trucking

"We love Fleetio, It has really streamlined our fleet management process. The user friendly platform is a huge help."

Brianna S.

Brianna S.

Omega Development

"We rely on all the automation Fleetio provides."

Michael H.

Michael H.

County Fire

"Automatically updates as vital information is entered into the program, videos and customer service are great, very helpful, and extremely timely."

Derek B.

Derek B.

Bonfe Plumbing and Heating

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