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Asset Warranty Management

Automatically track warranties and stop letting savings on repair costs slip through the cracks. Fleetio’s comprehensive fleet management software allows you to track warranties on all of your assets without the hassle of wading through coverage and policy details.

Maximize your asset warranties

Example of a standard warranties on a vehicle in Fleetio

Easily track warranties and credits

Ditch the spreadsheets and data entry. Keep all of your warranty information in a single location, associated with each of your assets in Fleetio.

Automatically alert mechanics to active warranties

Never start a service without knowing what could be covered under warranty. Fleetio will alert mechanics to active vehicle warranty policies as they open work orders so they can coordinate with the original manufacturer.

Add warranty credits to work orders

Keep your work orders accurate by recording warranty credits that have been recovered from manufacturers and suppliers for parts and labor covered under warranty.

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Key features of our Warranty Management System

Warranty Tracking

In-Service Data & Meter Tracking

Coverage & Policy Information

Custom Warranty Vendor Lists

Itemized Coverage

Warranty Credit Reporting

Integrate your warranty management with maintenance software

Example of active warranties on a work order in Fleetio Go

Streamline work orders

Create, manage and assign digital work orders that encompass every detail of service, including repairs covered under OEM warranties.

Manage maintenance costs

Cut your repair expenses by saving on services covered by your warranty, and prevent future expenses with comprehensive preventive maintenance tracking.

Make reporting a breeze

Fully leverage all of your fleet data side-by-side and track warranty credits without cross referencing spreadsheets.

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Explore other features

Digital Work Orders

Plan, schedule and track detailed maintenance tasks and costs.

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Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Stay on top of PM tasks with scheduling and predictive service reminders.

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Tire Management

Monitor the location and track the condition of every tire in your fleet.

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