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Tire Management

Track where your tires are installed and how they’re holding up. Optimize tire maintenance to improve fuel efficiency, enhance safety and reduce operational costs.

Keep tabs on your tires to get more from your vehicles

Example of an Axel Configuration in Fleetio

Track tire-related maintenance

Maintain comprehensive service histories for your tires, including rotations and install dates, all in one place. Detailed records show you how and when your tires are serviced.

Monitor tire conditions across your fleet

Keep a close eye on key indicators of tire health like tread depth, air pressure, mileage and age to prevent blowouts and ensure safety.

Track tire inventory with granular precision

Never lose track of tires by logging the exact axle and position they’re installed to. Precise records improve tire inventory management and reporting accuracy.

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Key features of our Tire Management System

Track Individual Tires

Access Service Histories

Monitor Health Indicators

Log Install Dates

View Tire Mileage

Set Axle Configurations

Streamline DOT Compliance

Manage Tire Inventory

Use maintenance software to do more with your tire data

Example of tire details in Fleetio Go

Ensure accuracy with real-time data

With Fleetio Go, your personnel can instantly update a tire’s tread depth measurements and air pressure readings through a mobile app. This integration ensures data is never left in limbo and that your reports are always working with the latest information.

Manage tires alongside other parts

When you add a tire to your parts inventory, Fleetio automatically displays tire-specific fields for you to enter details like type, aspect ratio, rim diameter, load index and speed rating. Having those specs on hand improves inventory organization and streamlines finding ideal tires for any scenario.

Maintain DOT compliance

The Department of Transportation maintains strict requirements when it comes to tires on commercial vehicles. If pulled over, drivers can share tire readings along with recent inspections to prove compliance.

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There is nothing worse than getting calls about flat tires or tire failures that could have been prevented. The tire management and telematics integration features in Fleetio reduce headaches and tire failures by turning your tire program from reactive to proactive. I strongly recommend using Fleetio and its many features because they help keep our fleet safe, manage costs and reduce downtime.

Jesus Martinez Ramirez

Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency

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