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Digital Purchase Orders

Streamline the process of ordering and purchasing fleet supplies and set auto-reorder thresholds to ensure parts needed are always on hand.

Save time and avoid hassle with digital POs

Example of a fleet expense report in Fleetio.

Reduce purchasing overhead

Digital POs save time and money — between $15-25 per manual transaction — by streamlining the purchasing process and reducing clerical expenses and errors.

Create approval workflows

Give certain users permission to authorize purchase orders; they'll receive email notifications when POs are ready for approval, after which they can place the order.

Hold suppliers accountable

Fleetio automatically validates received order quantities against purchase orders, making it easy to see which POs have not been fully received.

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Centralize purchasing history

Gain total visibility into purchasing operations

See POs in all stages in one place — on-order, drafts, pending approval, rejected, approved, purchased, received (partial and full) and closed — and even customize PO statuses to fit your fleet’s needs..

Collaborate seamlessly with accounting

Reduce billing errors and improve procurement efficiency through seamless interdepartmental collaboration with accounting personnel.

Supports multiple facilities and part locations

Purchase orders in Fleetio support multiple warehouses and stockrooms, so all information is in one centralized place, and you'll know exactly which locations have purchased which parts..

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Example of a list of purchase orders in Fleetio.

Key features of our purchase order software

Custom Permissions

Auto-order Thresholds

Order Status Visibility

Inventory Auto-updates

Historical Price Data

Historical PO Data

Configurable PO Reports

LIFO/FIFO Accounting

Streamline inventory management

Example of an driver inspection summary report in Fleetio.

Quickly receive parts and automatically update inventory

Parts managers and inventory personnel can quickly mark purchased materials as received, which automatically updates inventory levels.

Be proactive with orders

Purchase orders are tightly coupled with Fleetio's work order and parts inventory software, so you can easily purchase fleet parts based on custom reorder points — plus, when parts are added to digital work orders, the inventory updates automatically, ensuring high-use items stay in stock.

Negotiate better with quick access to pricing history

Fleetio automatically tracks each order price by vendor, giving you instant visibility into pricing trends and histories to negotiate more effectively with suppliers.

Why our customers love Fleetio

"The negative inventory report has been huge. I have utilized that a lot on our inventory, especially when we have high negative numbers."

Krystal R.

Krystal R.

CP Energy

"We are constantly trying to find ways to save time and money. Fleetio helps us achieve that with their constant updates."

Ernest A.

Ernest A.

Boyle Transportation

"We wouldn’t be where we are today without Fleetio’s management system."

Scott N.

Scott N.

Concrete Ready Mix, Inc.

"Everything we've needed to maintain those trucks is easy and quick to grab."

Andrew M.

Andrew M.

Daniels Sharpsmart

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