Fleet Asset Management

Track all asset information, access expense reports, manage drivers and monitor data in one place.

Manage all your fleet assets with ease— vehicles, yellow iron, tools and small equipment.

Fleetio helps you keep track of all your fleet assets, asset status and assignment history, important dates and more - all in one place.

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  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Track multiple meters
  • Link assets together
  • Import & export data
  • VIN decoding of 90+ specs
  • Manage asset assignments
  • Cost per mile trends
  • Log notes & comments

Upload documents, photos & other important files online

With fleet-related files and images stored in Fleetio, you'll always be able to access critical documents wherever you are.

  • Purchase or loan documents
  • Multiple asset photos
  • Accident reports
  • Warranty documentation

Evaluate fleet operations and costs

Data visibility is key for surfacing actionable insight that keeps everyone in your fleet informed. From C-suite to back office, on the road and in the shop, team members have access to the information they need to keep the fleet running at optimal speed.

  • All operating cost data in one place
  • Track asset reliability & durability
  • Optimize usage with utilization metrics
  • Standardize asset purchasing

Track the total cost of owning your assets

Know the true cost of operating your fleet and make your business more data driven. From oil changes to parking violations, gain insight into what you actually pay for your vehicles and equipment.

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  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Loan & lease payments
  • Depreciation
  • Incidentals
  • Supplies
  • Insurance
  • Registration & taxes
  • Fees
  • Administrative costs

Stay in control of budgeting and replacement forecasting

Stop guessing and start making replacement decisions based on real data.

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  • See upcoming replacement demand by year
  • Ensure proper utilization based on replacement priorities
  • Make informed decisions about which vehicles to defleet
  • Better plan and advocate for needed capital

Explore other features

Asset Assignments
Asset Assignments

See all of your asset assignments in a calendar view and manage them with ease.

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Maintain airtight compliance with electronic vehicle inspections.

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Fleet Vehicle Lifecycle Management
Fleet Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Create and validate replacement policies and cycle vehicles at the right time.

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