Issue Management

Resolve vehicle and equipment issues quickly with fault code alerts and instant notifications for failed inspection items.

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Capture issues as soon as they arise

Empower your fleet to report defects on the spot, helping you to address problems before they seriously affect day-to-day operations.

Mobile defect reporting

Issues can pop up anywhere. That's why Fleetio Go, our fleet management mobile app, makes it easy to report issues on the go.

Automated issue reporting

Automatically open Issues from failed inspection items and DTC alerts, informing you of vehicles that need attention immediately.

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Take action immediately

Whether you outsource maintenance or conduct it in-house, Fleetio enables you to streamline your workflows and ensure your vehicles stay road-ready.

Coordinate with external shops electronically

Using Fleetio's Maintenance Shop Integration, create automatic approval workflows or quickly approve maintenance online. Completed repair orders are automatically recorded in your account and resolved issues can be linked with one click.

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Link vehicle issues to in-house Work Orders

Capture the entire lifecycle of work performed in-house, from issue discovery to completion. Work Orders are available on the Advanced Plan.

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Import your fuel data

Import a CSV of fuel entries from another system or historical spreadsheet.

Collaborate in real-time

Receive notifications as activity happens and respond immediately, improving productivity and reducing downtime.

Mobile notifications

Receive push notifications for new mentions, comments and issue status changes, helping you stay on top of progress and coordinate resolution from anywhere.

Interact with team members

Communicate about an issue from within the issue record and tag team members in comments to keep everyone in the loop.

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Track resolution and operate smarter

Maintain complete audit trail

Seamlessly record everything about an issue, from when and how it was reported to when and how it was resolved, against the affected asset.

Gain insight into your fleet maintenance

Calculate average issue resolution times and spot high maintenance assets, helping you operate more efficiently.

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Work Orders
Work Orders

Plan, schedule and track detailed maintenance tasks and costs.

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Maintain airtight compliance with electronic vehicle inspections.

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Expense Tracking & Total Cost of Ownership
Expense Tracking & Total Cost of Ownership

From aquisition to disposal, understand the true cost of running your fleet.

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