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Coast Fuel Card Integration

Coast is a fleet expense management solution, offering a Visa fleet and fuel card and intuitive software that empower businesses to take control of their fleet-related spend. With Coast, fleet owners and managers can streamline fleet expenses, save time, and boost profits, so they can focus on what matters most — growing their businesses.

Coast Integration Features

  • Connect Coast to Fleetio to better understand your fuel efficiency. Your fuel transactions are automatically imported into Fleetio, even on weekends, so you can easily see how fuel contributes to your fleet costs.
  • Save hours setting up and managing your vehicles in Coast. All the vehicles you added on Fleetio are automatically imported and updated in Coast, so you will not need to enter them again manually.
  • Unlike many other fuel cards, Coast cards can be used in any gas station where Visa is accepted, meaning your drivers can fill up at the least expensive, most convenient station.
  • Define the fuel and fleet policies that work best for your business. Set limits by driver or vehicle, or both, and reduce misuse and theft. Get full visibility into every dollar you're spending on your fleet.
  • With Coast, benefit from helpful and responsive customer service every time you need it, and from fair and transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

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