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Firestone Maintenance Shop Management

Firestone operates the world's largest company owned tire and automotive service retailer, with 2,200+ stores nationwide. Firestone, Tires Plus, HIBDON Tires Plus and Wheelworks are all part of the Fleetio Maintenance Shop Network.

Firestone Integration Features

  • Firestone brings over 2,000 auto care centers to Fleetio's Maintenance Provider Network
  • Services include: AC, brakes, battery, starting, charging, drivetrain services, engine repair, wheel alignment, steering & suspension, tire check & inspection and flat tire repair
  • Fleetio customers who leverage the Maintenance Provider Network receive exclusive discounts and promotions at all Firestone locations as well as affiliates such as Tires Plus, HIBDON Tires Plus and Wheel Works
  • Fleetio Maintenance Provider Network customers receive national pricing regardless of fleet size
  • Consolidated billing
  • Eliminate manual entry of service records