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Laura Maxwell

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Jul 17, 2018

2 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

It's here! Fleetio Go v2.0

Update your mobile app to the latest version for faster loading, tons of usability improvements and great new feature additions.

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We’ve launched the latest version of Fleetio Go, v2.0! Fresh out of the Fleetio test kitchen, v2.0 was re-designed from the ground up for improved performance and reliability. The speedy new framework will make it easier for us to build new features that matter to your fleet. Also included, a couple new features we think you’ll love! Read on to see what’s improved and what’s coming soon.

Update Service Entries with line items and cost itemization

A few months ago, we added the ability to add individual line items and costs to Service Entries in the Fleetio web app. This helps you better track and report on the costs of specific service tasks for your vehicles. This capability is now available in Fleetio Go so you can log service costs, parts and labor for a service entry from anywhere.

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Create new Vendors, Labels, and Service Tasks

Previously, if you wanted to create a new Vendor, Label or Service Task you could only do so in the Fleetio Web App. We’ve added this capability to Fleetio Go so you can add these things to your vehicle records without having to spend more time behind your desk.

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Validate all Meter Entries

Accurate meter entries are key for properly tracking vehicle usage and maintaining a proper PM program. Now, when you drivers add odometer readings or other meter entries anywhere in the mobile app, we’ll validate it to make sure the value is within expected means. This helps reduce inaccurate entries due to “fat finger” syndrome or hasty inputs, keeping usage-based schedules and reporting as accurate as possible.

meter-validation{:class="mag" data-toggle="magnify"} Learn more in the Help Center >

Use a default Fuel Price for Fuel Entries

When you create a new fuel entry in Fleetio Go, we now pre-fill the price per unit (gallon, etc.) based on the vehicle’s most recent fuel transaction. This makes it faster to add fuel entries when the price per gallon is consistent over time.

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Coming Soon: Mobile Work Order Management

We’ve received a lot of requests to add Work Orders to the Fleetio Go mobile app. Very soon, you’ll be able to add and manage Work Orders from Fleetio Go. Look out for an announcement and thanks for sending feedback!

Visit the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store to update your Fleetio Go app!

Speaking of feedback, if you have any for v2.0, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at and let us know what you think!

About the Author

Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell

Product Marketing Manager

Laura is a Product Marketing Manager at Fleetio and has 10+ years of experience marketing SaaS companies. Laura grew up on a dairy farm in Massachusetts with a home delivery fleet and her work gives her daily flashbacks to her childhood.

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