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Jessie Robinson

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Dec 21, 2017

2 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

ELD Mandate: What It Means for the Future

The ELD mandate deadline is here! In fact, it just passed. The ELD rule marks the beginning of future developments for the fleet industry. We spoke with our Sales Manager Will Yarbrough, who talks to fleet managers daily, to hear what he thinks the ELD mandate means for the fleet industry as a whole.


Click above to watch the video or check out a few of the key points below.

First, what does the ELD mandate say and what is required by the December 18 deadline of this year?

  • There is a comprehensive post on the Fleetio blog that covers the ELD mandate requirements and exemptions.

  • The ELD mandate applies to commercial vehicle carriers and any carrier that must report RODs (Records of Duty Status).

What distinguishes a good ELD device from a bad one?

  • Carriers must pick an ELD from FMCSA’s list of self-certified devices. Note: The FMCSA does not endorse these ELDs.

  • If you’re looking for recommended devices, has a growing list of vetted ELD providers. Another good place to start is our Telematics Partners which have ELDs as a component of their solution.

  • Make sure the ELD is “future-proof” and has solid group of people working behind it—remember you are entering a partnership with them.

What do you hear from fleet managers in your conversations about ELDs?

  • Fleet managers want one fleet maintenance software solution that’s all encompassing.

How does Fleetio check the box for ELDs?

  • Fleetio remains an agnostic, open software provider that allows users to integrate with other technologies, like an ELD, using our open API.
  • Our fleet maintenance software enables you to choose the best solutions for your needs and centralize them on our platform.

What is Fleetio’s opinion on what ELDs mean for the future of the fleet industry?

  • The ELD mandate is foreshadowing what’s to come—moving from a paper-based industry to digital over the coming years.

Are you in compliance with the ELD mandate yet?

While it’s tempting to procrastinate, this soft implementation period will end in a matter of months and you need to be ready. Check out this blog post for what you need to do to prepare to be in compliance.

Keep all your fleet information in one place while remaining compliant with the ELD mandate using our flexible fleet maintenance software. Start a free 14-day Fleetio trial today!

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