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Peyton Panik

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Jun 15, 2023

2 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Entelar Group Effectively Tracks over 1,000 Assets with Fleetio

Auckland, New Zealand-based company Entelar Group has a lot of equipment – over 900 individual assets, in fact. Add that into a fleet of 220 vehicles, with 30 pieces of machinery and 30 light-duty trailers, and you’ve got a lot of units to keep track of. As an IT distribution and supply chain company, knowing exactly where every asset is, and what condition it’s in, is vital to staying productive.

"Our smaller equipment had a tendency to be allocated to our field users at the start of a project, but by the time that project ended, that equipment had changed hands so many times," said Ryan Wheeler, Entelar Group’s fleet lead.

With so many assets floating around in their operation, Entelar Group needed a digital solution that allowed them to effectively manage their equipment assignments, as well as handle their inspections process in a more efficient and informative way. They turned to Fleetio because they saw that its capability went beyond just being a digitized list of assets and PM schedules.

"What was unique about Fleetio is that it wasn’t just a management tool, but it really became the asset inventory tool for us," he said.

Wheeler and the rest of his team were able to use Fleetio to track the movement of assets around different projects. The goal was never to lock their operators into being singular owners of each individual piece of equipment, but giving operators more ownership over the day-to-day management of equipment, and Fleetio gave them the visibility and freedom to transfer their equipment to others without compromising accountability.

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"Shared equipment can easily be seen, where it is," Wheeler said. "So instead of having to drive to the main office to pick up a concrete drill, they see that one of the field operators two kilometers down the road has the same drill that he needs, get in touch with him, grab it, get back to the job – really keep up that efficiency and operational times."

Fleetio also allowed Entelar Group to better prioritize responding to inspection issues with quick maintenance. Wheeler said that the ability to complete inspections with specificity, like photos in the field, means that all of the details of each vehicle or piece of equipment is unique to that asset and its record. Since implementing Fleetio, Entelar Group has been able to take their compliance rate from somewhere in the 60-70% range to the 85-90% range.

"That’s been key to the business, not only from a health and safety point of view, but from a financial point of view, knowing that your costs are accurate, and nothing’s been missed," he said.

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