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Jessie Robinson

Jessie Robinson

Mar 1, 2017

3 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Featured Fleet: Irish Taxi Rentals

Get to know Fleetio users! In this Featured Fleet blog series, find out what brought users to Fleetio and hear about their experiences using our fleet management software.

Irish Taxi Rentals

####Who? Introducing Kieron Doran, Management Director of Irish Taxi Rentals

####What? Specializes in contract leasing and ongoing management of taxi vehicles to private drivers

![Irish Taxi Rentals logo](

####When? Fleetio user since February 2014

####Where? Dublin, Ireland

####Why? Let’s find out!

###What drove you to work in a fleet-related role?

I co-founded Irish Taxi Rentals in 2008 because I saw a need in the market for a taxi leasing service with higher standards. At the time, the leasing market was not tightly regulated and had a bad reputation for supplying older, poorly maintained vehicles. I aimed to set a new industry standard and provide newer, well-maintained vehicles for private taxi drivers.

Not all drivers are in a financial position to purchase vehicles, licenses and insurance, so that’s where we come in. We lease vehicles and provide licenses and insurance for private taxi drivers.

###What is one fun fact about your company?

During one of our regular government audits, we showed the inspectors the Fleetio system and its ability to regulate and streamline our records—they were really impressed. In fact, during some audits of other companies, the inspectors cited our success with Fleetio and recommended the system to them.

###What is one of the greatest challenges your company faces?

One the greatest challenges is keeping up with legislation, tax and industry changes. Legislation can shift with changes in government. These changes can restrict our company and force us to move in a different direction.

###What brought you to using Fleetio? We are a niche company that doesn’t fit into typical industry categories such as car sales or vehicle leasing. This made our search for a fleet management software difficult because we couldn’t find any software applicable to our business. We thought about creating our own software, but then we found Fleetio. Fleetio had about 60 percent of what we were looking for in a software, but since it’s so adaptable, we were able to mold the system to meet 90 percent of our software requirements. Fleetio has been a major success because it is an established, cloud-based software that we can access while on the road. It helped us avoid building a software from scratch.

"Since Fleetio is so adaptable, we were able to mold the system to meet 90 percent of our software requirements.”

####-Kieron Doran, Management Director of Irish Taxi Rentals

###How has your fleet improved since becoming a Fleetio user?

I can’t speak highly enough of the system. Fleetio has become a vital component of our everyday operations and has changed the way we store vehicle information.

“Fleetio has become a vital component of our everyday operations and has changed the way we store vehicle information.”

-Kieron Doran, Management Director of Irish Taxi Rentals

Since adopting Fleetio we have increased productivity, reduced administration costs and saved money overall for our company. We have also become more organized with the ability to store and access photographs, licenses and documents from anywhere. It is encouraging to see the constant refinement and upgrades of the Fleetio software and gives us great confidence for long-term use.

###Name one of your favorite interactions with the Fleetio team or platform.

In general, Fleetio is very user friendly and visually appealing. My favorite aspect of the Fleetio system is renewal reminders. We have over 30 vehicles and each has different insurance and license renewal dates, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fleetio renewal reminders send me email alerts a few weeks before item renewals are due, which keeps me organized.

Thanks to Kieron Doran for chatting with us! Learn more about Irish Taxi Rentals here.

Keep an eye out for the next Featured Fleet blog post and let us know if you want your fleet to be featured!

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