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Jessie Robinson

Jessie Robinson

Sep 15, 2016

3 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Featured Fleet: The Whole Cart

Get to know Fleetio users! In this Featured Fleet blog series, find out what brought users to Fleetio and hear about their experiences using our fleet management software.


####Who? Introducing The Whole Cart and their Maintenance and Logistics Manager Justin Reece

####What? The Whole Cart operates a fleet of food trucks providing large scale mobile food service and event catering

Source: The Whole Cart

####Where? San Francisco, CA

####When? Fleetio user since August 2015

####Why? Let’s find out!

###What drove you to work in a fleet-related role? Prior to my role with The Whole Cart, I was a manager of different coffee bars in San Francisco. At one point, I helped manage a private coffee bar at Zynga, a game company, in San Fran.

I have a passion for the food industry, and I have always enjoyed fixing up my car and motorcycle in my free time. So, when a fellow barista informed me of an open position with The Whole Cart, I knew it would be a great fit. My responsibilities as Maintenance and Logistics Manager include fleet vehicle management and vehicle procurement.

###Tell us a fun fact about your company. One of our trucks that serves coffee was custom built. It has the largest generator of any food truck (to my knowledge) of 50,000 watts!

We are also always trying to develop trucks with lower energy consumption. We have recently experimented with solar and biodiesel for our trucks.

###What is one of the greatest challenges The Whole Cart faces? We are doing something no company has done before, which is owning and operating a fleet of food trucks. Our challenge is navigating through the unknown and foreseeing problems before they occur.

###What brought The Whole Cart to using Fleetio?

Before Fleetio, we were using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all our vehicles. We realized that we needed a platform to grow and manage our fleet more efficiently and in a more organized way. We completed a Fleetio trial and were really impressed by the software’s simple usability and sleek design. After the trial, we were hooked. Most of our conversations surrounding business operations revolve around Fleetio.

“Fleetio has become indispensable to our company.”

-Justin Reece, Maintenance and Logistics Manager, The Whole Cart

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###How have your fleet operations improved since becoming a Fleetio user?

The biggest aspect of our company that Fleetio has improved is communication. Despite being a mid-size company, Fleetio allows us to act on the granular level. Fleetio enables folks who work day-to-day on the fleet to report when something is wrong. There is more accountability. We can create and track issue tickets and work orders for individual trucks. Using Fleetio, we are able to act more quickly and ensure fleet safety.

On an individual level, Fleetio has helped me with the challenge of navigating the unknown. Prior to my role with The Whole Cart, I had no fleet management experience. As I use Fleetio’s platform, I develop an expertise in my fleet and become a better manager as a result. Fleetio has helped me learn how to excel in my role.

###Name one of your favorite interactions with the Fleetio team or product(s).

Fleetio is great about listening to my feedback and implementing it. I sent in a suggestion once to add a button on a Fleetio web page, and within a few hours, there was a new button that did exactly what I needed. It is clear that Fleetio wants to make their product the best they can for their users.

“It is wonderful how quickly the Fleetio team listens to and acts on my feedback.”

-Justin Reece, Maintenance and Logistics Manager, The Whole Cart

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Thanks to Justin Reece for chatting with us!

If you're ever in San Francisco, track down one of The Whole Cart's awesome food trucks. Learn more about The Whole Cart here.

Keep an eye out for the next Featured Fleet blog post with Lighting Hybrids!

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