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Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman

Nov 12, 2012

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Fleetio & Southpace Properties

Today, on the Fleetio Blog, we are excited to spotlight one of our customers and and how they have been using Fleetio to optimize their stable of vehicles.

Southpace Properties, LLC is the largest independently owned commercial real estate firm in the state of Alabama.  They are based in Birmingham, and have played a key role in the revitalization of the downtown area.

Southpace buys, sells, leases, develops, manages and invests for their clients in all types of commercial real estate including office, land, industrial, retail, warehouse and special purpose properties.  On any given day, a number of their employees are utilizing vans or trucks to attend to these properties.

When we first spoke to Southpace, they were using GPS tracking for dispatch and routing of vehicles.  Preventive maintenance as well as costs were being managed through spreadsheets or physical files.  Drivers were largely responsible for scheduling routine service.

Before Fleetio my drivers went in for the typical oil change and tire rotation and balance whenever they could find the time in their schedule. This could mean they were 4,000+ miles over the scheduled maintenance. Now that I have Fleetio, it is so easy to see who has an upcoming service especially since I receive an email as a reminder. Fleetio also makes it so easy to keep up with all the documentation for each service record. It has worked beautifully so far. -Heather Turner, Southpace

After weathering a large repair bill and excessive downtime for one of their vans, they saw a need for a comprehensive fleet management product.  We were happy to help them consolidate data and put in place service reminders that would keep both drivers and management updated on scheduled maintenance.

They know that we are a quick phone call, web chat, or email away.

As far as Fleetio’s customer service goes they have been top notch. During the set up process and getting acquainted with the system I had several questions and they responded almost immediately.       -Heather Turner

Now, every time we see a Southpace vehicle around town, there is an overwhelming sense of pride.  We are very happy to have them in the Fleetio family!

images courtesy of Southpace Properties

About the Author

Matt Chapman
Matt Chapman

Account Executive

Matt is an Account Executive at Fleetio, and has been with Fleetio for over five years. In 2005, he led Auburn University's solar car team in a 2500 mile race across North America.

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