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Meghan Saunders

Meghan Saunders

Nov 10, 2021

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Fleetio Announces Integration with Idelic

Fleetio is excited to announce an integration and partnership with Idelic, creator of the driver management platform, Safety SuiteĀ®.


Fleetioā€™s newest integration partner, Idelic, helps transportation fleets save time, money, and lives. The Idelic Safety SuiteĀ® is the most comprehensive driver management platform in the transportation industry, consolidating driver data from all of your third-party technology systems including onboard telematics, onboard video systems, the FMCSA portal, training software, and more into a single platform. The Idelic Safety SuiteĀ® gives fleets unparalleled visibility into their driversā€™ behavior and provides fleets with an industry-leading Driver Watch List that utilizes advanced Machine Learning (ML) technologies to predict risk before a crash occurs.

In addition to their Driver Watch List, Idelic also helps customers streamline risk management with a comprehensive accident and claims management tool, as well as manage Driver Qualification (DQ) files to ensure fleet compliance, among many other important fleet processes. With the Idelic Safety SuiteĀ®, fleets can prevent crashes, reduce driver turnover, reduce liability, and lower insurance costs.

Connecting Idelic with your Fleetio account will allow you to consolidate your fleet technology by feeding asset and equipment information from Fleetio into Safety Suite. With this integration, mutual customers will automatically have Fleetio vehicle data in Safety Suite to more easily manage driver assignments and store vehicle event histories such as accidents.

If you are a current Idelic customer and want to set up this integration, visit our Help Center to get started today.

About the Author

Meghan Saunders
Meghan Saunders

Partner Marketing Manager

Meghan Saunders is the Partner Marketing Manager at Fleetio. A Fleetio veteran, she has held multiple positions on both the Fleetio Sales and Customer Success teams during her tenure. Meghan currently resides in Austin, TX where you can find her watching a Formula 1 race, reading a good book, or out on a run.

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