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Abby Drummond

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Aug 27, 2019

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Fleet Management Blog

New Fleetio Customer: Petrol Transport, Inc.


We’re pleased to welcome Petrol Transport, Inc.{:target="_blank"} to the Fleetio family!

Industry: Oil

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Petrol Transport, Inc. is a petroleum/oil transportation services company. They have been hauling all types of petroleum since they first opened in 1979. Prior to implementing Fleetio, Petrol Transport, Inc. kept track of its 36 assets using a hands-on fleet management practice, recently supplemented by GeoTab to keep track of mileage and track service and repair needs.

Petrol Transport, Inc. chose Fleetio to help streamline processes in its shop and save money.

“With Fleetio, we will be able to consolidate our maintenance, repairs, records etc. into one place where we can easily access it and provide ourselves with the most accurate information to dictate our practices, helping us to streamline our shop and save money in the long run." - Andrew Francis, Shop Foreman

We’re excited to provide Petrol Transport, Inc. with the solutions it needs to efficiently manage its fleet.


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Abby Drummond

Abby Drummond

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Abby Drummond is the Marketing & Event Coordinator at Fleetio. Abby’s favorite things are music and travel, and she also loves exploring food and beverage hotspots with her husband and two dogs.

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