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Michael Harrison

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Dec 4, 2015

3 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

New in Fleetio: Inventory Management

Parts represent over ⅓ of vehicle maintenance costs, and they’re literally the nuts and bolts of what keeps your fleet on the move.

After talking to our customers, though, it seems that managing parts all the way from purchasing to storage to usage often feels like more trouble than it's worth.

We’ve added inventory capabilities in Fleetio as hope for the broken-parted (see what I did there). Effective inventory management can cut costs, improve maintenance quality and keep your vehicles healthy - the key to profit for your business.


Turn on Inventory for your Parts

You can now decide whether or not you want to track the inventory quantity for each part record in Fleetio. It’s as easy as flipping a switch. When “Track Inventory?” is ON for a part, you can set two new attributes:

  1. Quantity - Set an initial inventory quantity for that part at its storage location.
  2. Reorder Point - Enable and set a reorder point for that part to receive notifications when the available quantity dips too low.

reorder point{:class="mag" data-toggle="magnify"}

Manage Multiple Storage Locations

Whether you have warehouses across the globe or shelves separated by just a few steps, you can choose to control your inventory parts by custom part locations. Every part can be given a separate quantity, reorder point and Aisle-Row-Bin at its different locations.

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Even the redesigned Parts page is broken down by location allowing you monitor and manage your parts at a level of detail tailored to your fleet.

parts location{:class="mag" data-toggle="magnify"}

Update Inventory Quantities

Fleetio makes it easy to keep your part quantities current. Update the on-hand quantity for any part from the main Parts list or a part’s details page. When a part is used in a Work Order, the quantity difference will dynamically update.

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Link Inventory with Work Orders

When you use an inventory part in a Work Order, its inventory level is automatically adjusted in Fleetio. As you log the job details, we’ll tell you the quantity of that part available at that location.

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Never lose track of where your parts go - you can see a full history of the Work Order usage for every part from the Activity tab on the part’s profile.

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Receive Inventory Alerts & Notifications

Effective inventory management is a daily effort. Stay on top of part quantities with two types of email notifications:

  1. Reorder Point Alert - When the quantity of a part either reaches or dips below the reorder point you set, you’ll receive an email at that moment with all inventory details. reorder point alert{:class="mag" data-toggle="magnify"}

  2. Daily Inventory Alerts - Every morning in your time zone, if you have parts that are at their reorder point or out of stock entirely, Fleetio lets you know in one summary email. inventory alerts{:class="mag" data-toggle="magnify"}

Manage Parts in Bulk

Integrating Fleetio’s inventory features into your daily workflows is easy with our Bulk Update Quantities page. Access all your inventory parts in one place!

Filter the page however you choose, and click “Print Worksheet” to download a printable PDF mirroring the exact view in your browser. Go check your shelves, fill out your part quantities and come back to enter them into Fleetio. The new inventory value will be as an adjustment for each individual part.

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The Bulk Update Quantities page can also be used for activating your parts for inventory tracking. Learn more about its functionality here.

If you have questions about Fleetio’s new inventory management features, please reach out to us at!, and look out for our upcoming Fleetio Parts mobile app that will allow you to manage inventory while on the go!

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