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Lori Sullivan

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Nov 28, 2017

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Fleet Management Blog

New in Fleetio: Unassigned Fuel Card Transactions

Now you can assign fuel card transactions that are not currently connected to a vehicle to the vehicles in your fleet.

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If you've been using the Fleetio Manage fuel card integration and have old unassigned transactions, you can access all of these and assign them as you like (and even assign them in bulk), giving you more comprehensive fuel cost reporting.

fuel card unassigned transactions

You can assign fuel card transactions to vehicles in bulk by card or view all unassigned fuel card transactions in your Fleetio Manage account at once. These transactions can be filtered down to the ones you're looking for and bulk assigned to a vehicle.

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Many users may have a fuel card that floats among vehicles and drivers, and this is a great way to connect individual transactions to the proper vehicles while leaving the fuel card itself unassigned.

To learn more about assigning your unassigned fuel card transactions to vehicles in Fleetio, check out our detailed article in the Fleetio Help Center.


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Lori Sullivan

Lori Sullivan

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