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Laura Maxwell

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Aug 2, 2018

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Reporting Enhancements: Subscribe to and Schedule Reports

Subscribe yourself and others to reports in Fleetio. Schedule them to send to subscribers at your preferred intervals, keeping everyone in the loop..

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Recently, we announced some major enhancements to Reports, including the ability to customize and save them. Today, we’re excited to share that you can now subscribe yourself and others to Saved Reports and schedule them to send, ensuring everyone is in-the-know.

Start with an existing report and customize it by selecting relevant data columns and using our advanced filtering options. Then, when saving that report, you can create an email schedule for each based on the interval frequency of your choice (daily, weekly, monthly). An email copy of the report is then sent to the subscribers on each Report.

schedule reports

For example, send weekly updates for specific vehicle groups to people in those groups or monthly operating cost summaries to upper management. There are tons of ways to customize reports and ensure the right people are notified of critical fleet operations data.

Learn more about how to customize, save and subscribe to Reports in our Help Center >

We hope you like these recent enhancements to Fleetio Reports. We’d love to hear what you think! Email us at and let us know!

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Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell

Product Marketing Manager

Laura is a Product Marketing Manager at Fleetio and has 10+ years of experience marketing SaaS companies. Laura grew up on a dairy farm in Massachusetts with a home delivery fleet and her work gives her daily flashbacks to her childhood.

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