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Zeke Rudick

Zeke Rudick

Oct 20, 2016

3 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

The Delicate Art of Managing a Vehicle Leasing Fleet

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It’s not a huge secret that fleet leasing is growing in popularity—and fast. The hard reality is that as a fleet grows, the complexity of fleet management also grows at breakneck speed. Between the rigorous routine tasks required to keep a fleet up and running and the essential tasks of keeping your business running, the complexity of fleet management can—in some cases—become a huge bottleneck.

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  1. The Plight of the Vehicle Leasing Fleet Manager
  2. The Fleet Leasing Landscape
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In other words, fleet management is chaotic. So it’s no surprise that more and more fleets are opting to outsource the pain of fleet ownership by adopting leasing programs.

##The Plight of the Vehicle Leasing Fleet Manager The truth is that your customers come to you to offload the burden of fleet ownership (newsflash: owning and managing a fleet is expensive and time intensive). This frees up a company to focus on mission-critical tasks, like growing their business.

Unfortunately, the burden of ownership doesn’t magically disappear. It is just shifted to a vehicle leasing company and their fleet management team (AKA you). At the end of the day, it is up to you to keep all of your customers’ fleets on the road at all times.

##The Fleet Leasing Landscape According to 2016 survey of top fleet lessors, most fleet leasing companies are managing portfolios with anywhere from 100 to more than 1000 assets at any given time. Yeah, you read that right, and that may even hit home for you. Managing a robust, enterprise fleet demands an even more powerful suite of software tools to help keep your customers happy and your team sane.

So let’s talk through three ways to equip your vehicle leasing fleet for success.

###1. Track Everything How much visibility do you truly have into daily fleet activities? Do you have a true way to measure the cost per mile (CPM) for each vehicle? How are you tracking routine inspections and maintenance activities to ensure high levels of vehicle uptime? It’s almost impossible to answer these questions without a proper fleet management solution in place.

When it comes to managing your vehicle leasing fleet, knowledge is power. From tracking purchasing and leasing details to documents and photos—proper fleet tracking is a critical element of any vehicle leasing fleet management program.

###2. Take Your Inspection Process on the Road Your drivers are busy. There’s no disputing that fact. They are tasked with critical deadlines every single day. In most cases, they don’t have time to take an hour out of their day to inspect a vehicle with a paper form. You can do a lot to minimize driver complaints by equipping them with a mobile inspection app that allows them to perform inspections on the fly in between route stops.

Plus, your assets are always moving, so why not conduct fleet operations tasks from a mobile device? With groundbreaking mobile technology at your fingertips, you have the ability to streamline your inspection process.

###3. Optimize Your Biggest Fleet Costs With the right software in place, you can also simply and easily track and optimize some of your biggest expenses. For instance, fuel and tire maintenance represent two of your biggest fleet expenses. By automating your vehicle inspection process and seamlessly integrating your fuel cards into your fleet management solution, you will be better equipped to optimize costs to get as much mileage from your assets as possible.

##We’re with you Obviously, there is much more to alleviating the stress of managing your vehicle leasing fleet. You have budgets to manage, breakdown repair requests—not to mention drivers and stakeholders to keep happy. But we’re here and we’re listening and we can help.

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