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Case Studies

Newkirk Electric

Nationwide electrical contractor Newkirk Electric adopts Fleetio in order to increase efficiency and accuracy while cutting down on training time.

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Newkirk Electric

Type: Electrical

Where: Muskegon, MI

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  • fleet-maintenance
  • equipment-management

Company Objectives:

  1. Increase fleet data visibility
  2. Improve fleet reporting efficiency and accuracy
  3. Cut down on time spent using and training employees on fleet management software

For over 50 years, Newkirk Electric has focused on the engineering, construction, testing and maintenance of energy and communications infrastructure and interior electrical systems. With a fleet of over 800 assets including everything from pickup trucks and trailers to digger trucks and cranes spread over multiple states and offices, it is crucial that Newkirk accurately track and report on operations costs in a centralized solution.

The inability to analyze data

Before onboarding Fleetio, Newkirk was using an installed fleet management software. The biggest challenge the company was facing was that all data surrounding the fleet existed in the software, but fleet administrators couldn’t easily access, export or aggregate the data to analyze and act on it.

The software didn’t allow seamless collaboration between fleet administrators, company owners, safety department, accounting department and close to a dozen mechanics.

Using the system also took a substantial amount of user training, and finding information within the system was tough as no global search function was available.

Making the switch to Fleetio

According to Becky Bartlett, Fleet Administrator at Newkirk Electric, Fleetio met all the criteria for Newkirk's ideal fleet maintenance solution. It allowed Newkirk to:

  • Quickly export data
  • Easily pinpoint correct data inaccuracies
  • Void or change mileage
  • Access and make changes within the data

In addition to this criteria, the ability to search the system for service history was key as well as ease of use for everyone who would be utilizing the system.

“The more insight we can get into our fleet data, the more it benefits us.” Becky Bartlett, Fleet Administrator

Big data, big time savings

Reporting improvements

Since onboarding Fleetio, Newkirk has seen significant time savings across the board. When it comes to reporting on fleet costs and trends, it takes Newkirk one-tenth of the time to run reports compared to its old software. The company is no longer limited to when data can be entered.

“To close out a financial period in our old software, all data had to be entered and closed out before information for the next financial period could be entered. In Fleetio, we can run reports for any date range and data can be entered at any time, which is a huge stress reliever,” Bartlett said.

Fleets are well-versed in the significance of accurate odometer reporting, yet not all processes are created equal. Reviewing and correcting odometer entries is an inevitable task for fleets, and now, it takes Newkirk about one-fourth of the time. Fleet admins now make corrections quickly and only once.

Importing data and making decisions

Using its previous fleet software, Newkirk would have to depend on and pay its software provider to map all data imports. This could often take days to get finalized. Fleetio has given Newkirk’s fleet admins the ability to import data and map information in just a few minutes.

With accurate, dynamic data in Fleetio, Newkirk is able to make business decisions and pinpoint trends based on real numbers. Focusing on operating costs and fuel costs, fleet admins can see how vehicles are performing and compare performance across vehicle types.

Convenient and accessible support

Since Newkirk has many different types of roles involved in the fleet, ensuring employees could use Fleetio to its full capacity was vital. In comparison to its previous solution, Newkirk spent about one-third less time training employees to use Fleetio.

Newkirk leverages how-to documentation and training videos in the Fleetio Help Center, hands-on training for a “Viewer” of the system typically takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

When Newkirk does have questions, Fleetio’s Support Team has continued to impress.

“We hear back from Fleetio Customer Support the same day with solutions to our problems. With our old software, we could wait hours, if not days, to hear back from customer support.” Becky Bartlett, Fleet Administrator

Did you know?

Newkirk runs reports in 1/10 of the time using Fleetio compared to previous fleet software.

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