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Case Studies

Safari Drive

Safari Drive relies on Fleetio and its comprehensive fleet management software to ensure vehicles are prepared for the demanding African landscape.

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Safari Drive

Type: Transportation

Where: London, England

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  • service-reminders
  • fleet-maintenance

Company Objectives:

  1. Track service reminders
  2. Reduce paperwork

Safari Drive runs fully inclusive self-drive safaris in expedition-equipped Land Rover Defenders in southern and eastern Africa. From their headquarters outside of London, England, the experienced Safari Drive team has been coordinating memorable customer experiences since 1993.

Working to an itinerary that Safari Drive has pre planned with them prior to departure, customers drive themselves independently on safari utilizing a series of lodges and campsites. The vehicles are all modified for off road driving and camping out in the bush. Clients book vehicles for anything from a 2 week summer holiday to a 3 month trans-Africa expedition, having the freedom to explore the wilds of Africa with the safety net of Safari Drive support on the ground.

“The roads in Africa are very demanding on our vehicles. Fleetio allows us to easily keep track of the condition of our vehicles and schedule the servicing of our vehicles as they travel between multiple countries and multiple workshops. It also helps us keep track of the large amount of paperwork that is involved in having British vehicles based in Africa.” Ollie Blackwell, Fleet Manager

With such a unique set of challenges, Ollie Blackwell, Fleet Manager at Safari Drive, needed software that was nimble, reliable and easily accessible. He found Fleetio in 2012 on the recommendation of a nearby Land Rover Dealer. The fleet maintenance software was a perfect fit for their operation.

Having utilized Fleetio for the past 3 years, it has now became an essential part of Safari Drive’s business. Not only does it help them monitor vehicle costs and schedule servicing but It helps us forecast future costs of their fleet as it expands.

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