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Case Studies

ServiceMaster Restore

National restoration provider ServiceMaster Restore chooses Fleetio for its advanced Shop Integration, featuring consolidated billing, automatic data entry from repair shops and discounted service pricing to facilitate easier fleet management.

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ServiceMaster Restore

Type: Restoration

Where: Memphis, TN

  • Tags:
  • fleet-maintenance
  • fuel-management

Company Objectives:

  1. Expedite fleet maintenance invoicing and billing
  2. Manage database of asset servicing across various locations
  3. Compare service providers' pricing and offerings

ServiceMaster Restore provides restoration services for both commercial and residential buildings. From fire, mold and weather disaster damage, the company is well-equipped to aid in a variety of recovery initiatives. It has a fleet consisting of over 35 assets including various trucks, trailers and generators.

There's no time to waste

Time is critical for ServiceMaster Restore. Whether it's having properly functioning assets ready to act quickly after an unexpected disaster strikes or a time-conscious fleet management strategy that makes troubleshooting and managing repairs a breeze.

Prior to Fleetio, it wasn't easy for ServiceMaster Restore to manage all of its service providers. It had various providers across several states requiring constant communication and tedious invoice entries.

Fleetio Manage allows ServiceMaster Restore to control its fleet services database without time-consuming data entry or having to make a phone call to a provider.

“We're able to download the information straight into the software so we don't have to key all that information in again. Keeps things consistent, clean and a whole lot easier to manage.” Reggie Eubanks, Fleet Manager at ServiceMaster Restore

Consolidated billing to the rescue

For FleetMaster Restore, being able to consolidate the billing on services was one of the most appealing features of Fleetio's Shop Integration.

Previously, the company was hassled with having to track down all invoices from multiple states and locations. This made it difficult to stay organized and prevent issues when managing maintenance records.

With Fleetio's Shop Integration, ServiceMaster Restore receives a single billing statement with all of its services itemized, making it easy to instantly review and execute payments for its providers through one bill.

It's no wonder why Fleetio users and their vendors are pleasantly surprised by its capabilities empowering companies to manage fleets more efficiently.

“Speaking with one of our main providers, her concern was how easy it was for her to process the information over to me and that it almost seemed too easy.” Reggie Eubanks, Fleet Manager at ServiceMaster Restore

Save on services

Having the ability to compare provider pricing, find discounts on services and parts and choose the best fit for its assets directly through Fleetio has been a tremendous advantage for ServiceMaster Restore.

Fleetio's Shop Integration has an easy-to-use locator service which enables companies like ServiceMaster Restore to choose from a list of providers and get contact information and directions straight from the software.

Now ServiceMaster Restore can spend less time worrying about maintenance, billing and invoices and more time focused on rebuilding disaster struck properties.

“The Shop Integration is definitely going to make life so much easier for us.” Reggie Eubanks, Fleet Manager at ServiceMaster Restore

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